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Vegan Quotes

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I became vegan because I saw footage of what really goes on in the slaughterhouses and on the dairy farms.

Tags: Dairy, Goes  ✍ Author: Ellen DeGeneres

I'm technically a vegan, but I do eat egg if it's in things.

Tags: Eat, Egg  ✍ Author: Mayim Bialik

Being a vegan is a first-world phenomenon, completely self-indulgent.

Tags: Phenomenon  ✍ Author: Anthony Bourdain

You don't have to become a vegan. You can become a plant-passionate, plant-inspired bean lover!

Tags: Become, Lover  ✍ Author: Kris Carr

For me, it always has to be about health. That's why I'm a vegan. Well, I don't even do that for my health entirely, I do it for animals.

Tags: Health, Why  ✍ Author: Emily Deschanel

I'm a vegan, but you can be really unhealthy as a vegan, too.

Tags: Unhealthy  ✍ Author: Emily Deschanel

I've been a vegan for about 15 years.

 ✍ Author: Emily Deschanel

To be a gluten-free vegan is, like, the most difficult thing you can possibly be.

Tags: Difficult, Possibly  ✍ Author: Zooey Deschanel

I'm not a true vegan.

Tags: True  ✍ Author: Anthony Kiedis

I call myself a vegetarian with vegan tendencies.

Tags: Call, Vegetarian  ✍ Author: Leona Lewis

I'm not telling people to go vegan overnight.

Tags: Overnight, Telling  ✍ Author: Heather Mills

Being vegan just gives you such great karma.

Tags: Great, Karma  ✍ Author: Shel Silverstein

You can't jump to vegan if you're not. Some people are absolute. Some people are able to be gradual.

Tags: Able, Jump  ✍ Author: Russell Simmons

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