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Russell Simmons's Quotes

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Born: 1957-10-04
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Russell Simmons

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Last year my wife got a Rolls-Royce.

Tags: Last, Wife, Year

People are afraid of failure - they don't like to work so hard and have people keep saying, 'No.' I think that's what people fear most.

Tags: Failure, Fear, Work

People will always blame the poets for society's ills. But these are the true artists.

Tags: Blame, Society, True

Poverty and lack of knowledge must be challenged.

Tags: Knowledge, Lack, Poverty

Service is the key to everything in life.

Tags: Key, Life, Service

Well, it's the last step of the civil rights movement: You know, wrap your hands around some money, right?

Tags: Last, Money, Rights

You can't jump to vegan if you're not. Some people are absolute. Some people are able to be gradual.

Tags: Able, Jump, Vegan

You know, the diversity that America has is so special. It's starting to really become a cool thing for young people.

Tags: America, Cool, Special

I don't spend any time thinking about my place in history, ever. If people say I changed things, it's nice, and I take it - but if I could give it to a charity it would be useful. I really believe now that my only job in life is to achieve a state of comfort and happiness.

Tags: Happiness, Life, Time

I don't use my brain about the creative thing. From a business standpoint, I instinctively do things: when I get something right, it's never because I use my brain.

Tags: Brain, Business, Creative

I have 2 million Twitter followers. Some of those people are also yogis and activists and people who really go out and make a difference. I do as much as I can with my voice. It's effortless in some cases. I try to remind everybody that they have that kind of voice.

Tags: Difference, Everybody, Try

I mostly eat healthy. I just do. I'm not a vegan for health reasons - although obviously I'm 20 pounds lighter than when I started. I stayed 20 pounds lighter. I feel better. My friends say I look better. All that's true. But I'm a vegan for compassionate reasons.

Tags: Friends, Health, True

I run a bunch of charities and I say this line to people: 'I am somebody who has always been helped.' A little thing like that can make people believe it.

Tags: Line, Run, Somebody

I think people instinctively know that their job is to give service and that they are part of a community. It had a great impact on me when my father walked the picket lines and I walked with him during the civil rights movement.

Tags: Father, Great, Job

I think that diversity is key for the next American entrepreneurs. They want to be a part of this society where there is so much diversity they have to have people from all the experiences.

Tags: American, Next, Society

I'm a creative guy. And I only do businesses as a result of like I've - I'm try to find what my gifts are and give them immediately. As soon as I get them and I understand, I give them back.

Tags: Give, Try, Understand

I'm born into the cycle of giving that we're all born into, and I recognize it. So just because something is a good business, I'm not a business guy. I'm a creative guy.

Tags: Business, Giving, Good

If you run a corporation, your job is to maximize the return on investment for your investors. Good for you. But by the same token, we have to remember that corporations have no compassion. That's why legislation and regulations are necessary.

Tags: Good, Job, Remember

My experiences have been, from the very beginning, cultural and creative. And my business has been a way of exposing the culture, exposing the artists so that the world could hear and see them.

Tags: Beginning, Business, Creative

Respect your parents. What they tell you is true. Hard work, dedication and faith will get you anything. Imagination will drive itself. You can get anything you want, but you have to have faith behind all your ideas. Stick to your goals and have an undying faith.

Tags: Faith, Respect, Work

The book 'Do You!' is about your inner voice. And when you connect to that voice then you - then the freedom comes. And we're only here to be happy. So happy makes money. Money doesn't make happy.

Tags: Freedom, Happy, Money

The conditions of suffering that exist today in our impoverished communities are not acceptable. The reflection of those conditions are less concerning to me. And I work everyday about changing the conditions.

Tags: Suffering, Today, Work

The difference between blues, jazz, rock n' roll and rap is that rap stayed poor. Even the white rappers are poor. It's scarier to look at poor people; it makes everyone uncomfortable. Their pain is something that people would like to see swept under the rug.

Tags: Pain, Poor, Rock

There was a moment when I was watching Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in 'Badboys' that I felt, you know, inspired. I don't know if I was proud, because so many people do the work. Everyone's part of a team that develops over the years and gives people chances. There have been some good moments watching people develop.

Tags: Good, Moment, Work

To be awake is to be fully present, no noise, just you and God. Most of us only have seconds of full consciousness. To live in a state of Samadhi - that's what we're here for.

Tags: God, Here, State

When I started the diamond business, no black person, period, was in it to do what we're trying to do to change the industry. So I like to do things that I see clearly that are in my, you know, scope. And then, I had to figure how I get talented or smart business people around me to execute. That's what I have to do.

Tags: Business, Change, Smart
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You know, I love all kinds of activism. I certainly think blacks deserve to have something whether it is affirmative action or an opportunity that should be opened up to them. But at the same time I believe that people of color are not the only poor people in America and all over the world.

Tags: America, Love, Time

The thing about hip-hop is that it's from the underground, ideas from the underbelly, from people who have mostly been locked out, who have not been recognized.

Tags: Ideas, Locked, Recognized

I've been blessed to find people who are smarter than I am, and they help me to execute the vision I have.

Tags: Blessed, Help, Vision

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Tags: Smarter, Surround, Yourself

Art allows people a way to dream their way out of their struggle.

Tags: Art, Dream, Struggle

If you wake up deciding what you want to give versus what you're going to get, you become a more successful person. In other words, if you want to make money, you have to help someone else make money.

Tags: Help, Money, Successful

I try to make my life about service, and hope that one day we can all 'see' a little better because God is with everyone and everywhere.

Tags: God, Hope, Life

Judgment of the people in the situation is not helpful. How can you help them is the question.

Tags: Help, Question, Situation

I want to promote poetry to the point where you got all the baldhead kids running around doing poetry, getting the music out of the way and having only words, the spoken word, and then see what happens.

Tags: Music, Poetry, Words

I want to fight poverty and ignorance and give opportunity to those people who are locked out.

Tags: Fight, Give, Ignorance

I'm not a politician. I only want to help relieve the suffering in communities, and I want to help people see their community in each other.

Tags: Community, Help, Suffering

If you learn late, you pass it on to people so they can learn early. It's a step process.

Tags: Learn, Process, Step

Look at all the billionaires. If I know 15 billionaires, I know 13 unhappy people.

Tags: Unhappy

My little girls are the most beautiful women in the world. I am a lucky, lucky man. I will spend every day making sure that they know this.

Tags: Beautiful, Making, Women

Actresses are kind of a little crazy.

Tags: Crazy

American democracy is spoiled by people buying everything in sight and then selling and buying everything in sight, including our politicians.

Tags: American, Democracy, Spoiled

Art is a way to express yourself and through that you can escape a bad situation.

Tags: Art, Bad, Yourself

I produced Run DMC. I produced some early records, lots of records early on.

Tags: Early, Lots, Run

I think I'm less afraid of failure than some others.

Tags: Afraid, Failure, Others

I think the idea of getting money out of politics is critical.

Tags: Idea, Money, Politics

I think when you're very dedicated to something and you're engaged fully, you become a giver.

Tags: Become, Dedicated, Engaged

I try to create businesses that I think are not hurtful.

Tags: Create, Hurtful, Try

I try to do things that I think are helpful to the environment, to the animals, and to the planet.

Tags: Helpful, Planet, Try

I try to use my voice. I know that celebrity is valuable, and people do listen.

Tags: Listen, Try, Voice

I'm a big supporter of President Obama.

Tags: Big, Obama, President

It is crucial that rappers have the chance to express the truth that is in their heart.

Tags: Chance, Heart, Truth

It's very important in a leadership role not to place your ego at the foreground and not to judge everything in relationship to how your ego is fed.

Tags: Ego, Judge, Leadership

I often say that shareholders should feel very responsible for how responsive corporations are to the public trust.

Tags: Often, Public, Trust

I'm prepared to fight as hard as I can against unions entering the University on behalf of our students.

Tags: Against, Fight, Hard

If I can give a very substantial injection of humanistic thinking into corporations, boy, that would change things a lot.

Tags: Change, Give, Thinking

It really pains me greatly to hear from graduate students that graduate education is a lower priority here.

Tags: Education, Hear, Here

There's nothing worse than a leader who lacks ambition.

Tags: Ambition, Leader, Worse

I'm the youngest of 12 children. And although I was the youngest, I tried to organize things in my family. When there were disputes, I tried to mediate.

Tags: Children, Family, Tried

Probably the first time I was a boss was when I was associate dean of the graduate school at the University of Southern California. I was in my early 30s.

Tags: Boss, School, Time

The committee's work is not about whether or how we should pay reparations. That was never the intent nor will the payment of reparations be the outcome. This is an effort designed to involve the campus community in a discovery of the meaning of our past.

Tags: Effort, Past, Work

There is strong mentoring of women in the academy. Corporations appear more willing to resist affirmative action to advance women, and boards and shareholders are more tolerant of this approach.

Tags: Action, Strong, Women
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