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Leona Lewis's Quotes

Leona Lewis profile photo

Born: 1985-04-03
Profession: Musician
Nation: British
Biography of Leona Lewis

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I don't really read the tabloids, and you never know if what's being printed is true or not.

Tags: Read, Tabloids, True

I don't think I have the right to give someone advice when I don't know them.

Tags: Advice, Give, Someone

I dont hate L.A. There's a very beautiful side to it; it's scenic, and I can go horse riding.

Tags: Beautiful, Hate, Horse

I feel like I've lived quite a sheltered life, like my mom and dad were quite protective of me.

Tags: Dad, Life, Mom

I get road rage. I can't drive because I cuss people out.

Tags: Drive, Rage, Road

I hate having my hair cut so I try not to.

Tags: Hair, Hate, Try

I have my best ideas when I am alone.

Tags: Alone, Best, Ideas

I know how to look after myself.

Tags: After

I like someone who can take the reins, who knows what they want and is strong with me.

Tags: Knows, Someone, Strong

I love a beautiful gown on stage, and luckily I've been fortunate to wear some amazing dresses.

Tags: Amazing, Beautiful, Love

I love horseback riding. I still do it.

Tags: Horseback, Love, Riding

I love music but, of course, I'd choose love over that.

Tags: Choose, Love, Music

I love nature and enjoy learning new skills.

Tags: Learning, Love, Nature

I love Thandie Newton. I love her fashion sense as she is just really classic.

Tags: Fashion, Love, Sense

I never dress to shock.

Tags: Dress, Shock

I really love getting hot stone massages. They really help me relax and it's so soothing for your muscles.

Tags: Getting, Help, Love

I suffer from arachnophobia. I don't mind the tiny spiders so much, it's the ones with their legs covered in thick hair.

Tags: Hair, Mind, Suffer

I think it's really hard being in a boy band. There's a lot of dynamics.

Tags: Band, Boy, Hard

I try not to diet because it never really works for me, if I tell myself I can't eat something then I tend to want to eat everything in sight.

Tags: Diet, Tell, Try

I want all of my songs to do well whether I've written them or not.

Tags: Songs, Whether, Written

I was the only one at stage school who wasn't white.

Tags: School, Stage, White

I would like to be a positive force for young girls.

Tags: Force, Positive, Young

I would love to sing opera.

Tags: Love, Opera, Sing

I'd date someone younger or older; age doesn't matter to me. Or looks, really - it's all about maturity.

Tags: Age, Maturity, Someone

I'd love to be on 'Glee.' I'd love to play a rebel. Be a real biker chick in leather and covered in tattoos.

Tags: Love, Real, Rebel

I'd love to do a film like 'Chicago.' Something musical because I've obviously come from that background.

Tags: Film, Love, Musical
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I'll never go against my morals.

Tags: Against, Morals

I'm glad I was never in a band.

Tags: Band, Glad

I'm living my dream.

Tags: Dream, Living

I'm not a loud, extravagant person; I'm never going to be that and, to be honest, I don't want to be like that.

Tags: Honest, Loud

I'm not annoying in relationships! I'm great!

Tags: Annoying, Great

I'm quite curvy and I just try and exercise whenever I can. I don't do anything hardcore as I'm just not that dedicated.

Tags: Exercise, Quite, Try

I'm really not that confident!

Tags: Confident

I'm totally against animal cruelty. I don't have clothes, shoes or bags made from any animal products.

Tags: Against, Animal, Shoes

I'm very sensitive and I'm quite a soft person, and I cry a lot when things upset me.

Tags: Cry, Quite, Sensitive

I'm very strong creatively, in my music.

Tags: Creatively, Music, Strong

I've always been conscious of my weight.

Tags: Conscious, Weight

In my life, I've dealt with tragedy.

Tags: Dealt, Life, Tragedy

It takes bravery to end a relationship.

Tags: Bravery, End, Takes

It takes me a while to come out of myself and get to know people.

Tags: Takes, While

Kids need somewhere to go, so they're not bored on the street.

Tags: Bored, Kids, Street

Love is a very powerful emotion and when a break-up is unexpected, it's very hard to get over.

Tags: Hard, Love, Powerful

My mum is my best friend.

Tags: Best, Friend, Mum

My parents have always done what they've loved, and they've had many different careers.

Tags: Done, Loved, Parents

My private life is the most precious thing to me.

Tags: Life, Precious, Private

Overall, I'm quite good with how I spend my cashola.

Tags: Good, Quite, Spend

People don't really know me at all.

Tags: End, Show, True

People write music, and the music is out there for people to interpret it how they want to.

Tags: Interpret, Music, Write

Sometimes I think I want to get 'hair and make up' every day, but that's just not possible.

Tags: Hair, Possible, Sometimes

The part of London where I grew up has the highest crime rates in the country.

Tags: Country, Crime, London

There are so many songs I've recorded, only to hear other people singing them. It happens all the time.

Tags: Happens, Hear, Time

Unless the radio is on, I am usually listening to stuff that is very different to what I do.

Tags: Listening, Stuff, Unless

Usually when I see someone famous, for some reason, I think I know them.

Tags: Famous, Reason, Someone

Working with other artists and sharing your passions is great.

Tags: Artists, Great, Working

I think when people see that you are shy, or even just calm, collected and reserved, they think you can be pushed around, made to do everything they want - but that's definitely not true of me. The people closest to me know that's not the case. They know I'm not a pushover.

Tags: Calm, Shy, True

A lot of people can have a lot of different influences, everyone can be compared in some way to someone whether they are from 60 years ago or more recent.

Tags: Everyone, Someone, Whether

I can't remember who told me but I was advised early on not to Google myself or read things about myself... I don't read a lot but get the gist of what's been said from friends and family. It's good to avoid it if you want to be normal person.

Tags: Family, Good, Remember

I do love a bit of fashion. I grew up around a lot of it as my mum and dad had clothing stores so my mum was always designing a lot, and I definitely had that as an influence.

Tags: Dad, Fashion, Love

I don't mind letting people in a little bit, but I have learned from the past not to talk too much about my relationships and to keep things as private as possible.

Tags: Learned, Mind, Past

I usually dream of melodies. When I wake up I have them in my head. I usually come up with things in the middle of the night because that's when my mind is the quietest. I always have my tape recorder, pen and pad by my bed just in case.

Tags: Dream, Mind, Night

I've still kind of maintained a low profile but people still kind of recognize you and will come up to you, and that's taken a bit of getting used to.

Tags: Getting, Taken, Used

Music TV in the U.K. is disappearing. 'Top Of The Pops,' 'CD:UK' and shows like that have gone, and it's bringing down the music industry. We should do as much as we can to keep our music TV and producers need to be more willing to accommodate live music.

Tags: Gone, Keep, Music

My dad is such a good man. You know how when you are a child you think your dad is invincible? Well, I still think that - he is so wise and everything I do I ask my dad's advice about first.

Tags: Dad, Good, Wise

Oh my gosh! I can't tell you the number of times people have put autotune on my voice, and I'm like, 'Please take it off!' You don't even sound human; it makes you sound like a robot!

Tags: Human, Put, Tell

When I was really little I would sit in the back of my dad's car when he'd be playing old-school music. He'd turn down the music and turn around and I'd be singing and know all of the words but I didn't even know how to talk. From then on I've always wanted to be a singer.

Tags: Car, Dad, Music

If I can inspire people by showing that following a dream by working hard and being determined is possible, it's amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Hard, Working

Obviously, a long-distance relationship is hard. But, like anything worth having, you make it work.

Tags: Hard, Work, Worth

I get such lovely gifts from fans... amazing pictures, handmade jewellery. I'm very lucky!

Tags: Amazing, Lovely, Lucky

I think it's always important to be vigilant of what you're doing and aware of your surroundings.

Tags: Aware, Vigilant

I trust every single person around me, and if I feel even a whiff of uncertainty I won't have that person around me.

Tags: Single, Trust, Won

I'm a positive person, and I try to look at the good side of everything.

Tags: Good, Positive, Try

The most important thing to me is to give something back to my parents, because they've done so much for me throughout my life.

Tags: Done, Life, Parents

A part of me feels like I was an animal in my past life that wasn't treated very nicely.

Tags: Animal, Life, Past

All my friends I've known since I was really little.

Tags: Friends, Known, Since

Animal testing is needless, especially in cosmetics.

Tags: Animal, Cosmetics, Testing

At the end of the day, you should take every opportunity that comes your way.

Tags: End

David Bowie is such a big influence to me. Everything about him as a person is intriguing to me.

Tags: Big, Him, Influence

Every performer wants to sing live. That's what I live for.

Tags: Performer, Sing, Wants

Fear and pain and suffering is not OK for any being to feel intentionally at the hands of us.

Tags: Fear, Pain, Suffering

For me, love is happiness and inspiration.

Tags: Happiness, Love

I am a whole lot of trouble.

Tags: Trouble, Whole

I am definitely an individual.

Tags: Definitely, Individual

I am, and always will be, proud to be a Hackney girl.

Tags: Girl, Proud

I believe I could have had a career in the music industry without 'X Factor,' but it was an amazing platform that propelled me to where I am now.

Tags: Amazing, Career, Music

I call myself a vegetarian with vegan tendencies.

Tags: Call, Vegan, Vegetarian

I could hang with horses all day.

Tags: Hang, Horses

I definitely keep myself secret.

Tags: Definitely, Keep, Secret

I don't get involved in record label politics.

Tags: Involved, Label, Politics

I don't have many famous friends, really, except Simon Cowell.

Tags: Except, Famous, Friends

I don't like going out where it's really, really crowded.

Tags: Crowded
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