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Vic Morrow's Quotes

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Born: 1929-02-14
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Vic Morrow

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Each show comes with its own set of problems to work through.

Tags: Problems, Show, Work

I don't like to direct myself.

Tags: Direct

Our cast and crew strive for this show after show hard as they can. It shows in the finished product.

Tags: After, Hard, Show

So, it looks like we rebuild the village and blow it apart a few more times.

Tags: Few, Looks, Times

Then you'd have found me pinned beneath a large metal pipe.

Tags: Found, Large, Metal

You're a hundred percent correct about our show being tops in quality.

Tags: Percent, Quality, Show

Because we are in a war situation, this can sometimes be dangerous work. But guys like A.D. Flowers and his technicians just take it in stride and get on with the job. In four years, we've never had a serious accident or injury working with all the explosions.

Tags: Job, War, Work

I haven't seen the show, but when it was finished I felt good about what we had done. I don't know how it will stack up with Survival, but that'll be up to the critics.

Tags: Done, Good, Show

I think we've shot scenes from every angle directors can think of to make it look like different villages. I've directed a couple shows on that set and believe me, it's impossible not to duplicate some camera angles.

Tags: Camera, Couple, Impossible

Last summer a second unit production crew went to France and shot scenes for several of this season's episodes. They shot costumed actors in and around real castles and landmarks, we couldn't possibly have duplicated here in Hollywood.

Tags: Here, Last, Real

Stories come from other shows at other studios where only 2,000 rounds were actually used and the money for the other 3,000 went right into the studio pockets. Corners were cut and that production suffered. Knock wood, that hasn't happened to us.

Tags: Actually, Money, Used

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