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Zac Efron Quotes

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Zac Efron is my obsession, we're the same person. We're not actually here, it's like Janet and Michael Jackson. He just puts on his wig and a dress, and it's me, and you don't know that. It's one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Tags: Greatest, Here, Time  ✍ Author: Megan Fox

This is going to sound really funny. I have a poster of Zac Efron on my wall! I think every girl has a poster of him in their room so, why not join the club!

Tags: Funny, Girl, Him  ✍ Author: Vanessa Hudgens

I'm always surrounded by good-looking guys, like Zac Efron, so I have to be with someone who's not going to get jealous about any of that, or when I'm kissing somebody in a scene.

Tags: Jealous, Somebody, Someone  ✍ Author: Ashley Tisdale

Zac Efron is like a brother who's just goofy and crazy. He plays a lot of practical jokes.

Tags: Brother, Crazy, Jokes  ✍ Author: Ashley Tisdale

Zac Efron would make us feel guilty for eating big dinners. He'd say, 'Do you really want to eat those carbs?' It was like, 'Thanks a lot!'

Tags: Big, Eat, Guilty  ✍ Author: Ashley Tisdale

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Zac Efron quote #2
Zac Efron quote #2
Zac Efron quote #2
Zac Efron quote #2
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