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Alan Hansen's Quotes

Alan Hansen profile photo

Born: 1955-06-13
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Scottish
Biography of Alan Hansen

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When I was playing football, I always felt in complete control. When I play golf and come under pressure, it's a completely different ball game.

Tags: Control, Football, Game

Andy Gray is a great pundit and a great co-commentator. I couldn't co-commentate for love nor money. I've tried but I just can't do it, so as an all-rounder I'd say Andy's much better than I am.

Tags: Great, Love, Money

I don't expect to see them in the top six but I think of all the teams that have come up in previous seasons, I think Manchester City are the biggest club.

Tags: City, Expect, Top

I had no plans once I finished my football career, which was a problem, so I had to go looking for work. Television was the one area that it was easier to get a job than anywhere else.

Tags: Football, Job, Work

I hear people saying 'the way the game should be played'. Rubbish. That's the worst saying in football. You win the game, then worry about the way it should be played.

Tags: Football, Game, Saying

I think if Tottenham are going to be top four side, the fans and the club will need to get away from the philosophy of 'pretty football', that's got to go.

Tags: Football, Philosophy, Pretty

I wouldn't say they're neglected, but everybody is going to grow old and we should be looking after the older generation more than we do at the moment.

Tags: After, Moment, Old

It's incredible considering the public perception that he was tight fisted and he was more than prudent, and lacked ambition to take Tottenham to where the fans wanted them to be.

Tags: Ambition, Public, Wanted

Playing for 14 years definitely took its toll mentally. I decided when I was playing my last season that when I retired from football I would never go back into it, and I've never regretted that decision.

Tags: Decision, Football, Last

We got stuffed 4-1, but it was just great to play against, it was like an education. You think you are half good and then you go and play against a side like that!

Tags: Education, Good, Great

The pressures are intense, because the rewards for success and the penalty for failure are more and more.

Tags: Failure, Intense, Success

He's sharp, he can score and he doesn't worry about missing.

Tags: Missing, Score, Worry

Even though they won't finish in the top four this season, they will still be of the contenders next season.

Tags: Next, Though, Won

Everybody likes Brazil and we want the Brazilians to come out.

Tags: Brazil, Everybody, Likes

I always wanted to be a golfer, only I realised that if I'd played golf I would have been skint.

Tags: Golf, Played, Wanted

I don't miss playing football, but I do miss going into the dressing room every day and having a laugh.

Tags: Football, Laugh, Playing

I don't think anyone enjoyed it. Apart from the people who watched it.

Tags: Anyone, Apart, Enjoyed

I only started concentrating on football as a career when I left school at 18. I played golf for the Scottish and British boys' teams.

Tags: Career, Football, School

I played against the Brazilians in '82, who were definitely the best team never to have won the World Cup.

Tags: Against, Best, Team

I think the reality is that, that money was probably badly spent.

Tags: Badly, Money, Reality

I think when people talk about ambition and talking to him, it might have seemed that he wasn't ambitious.

Tags: Ambition, Him, Talk

I was born in a mining village, and you either played football or played football. If you didn't play, there was something wrong with you.

Tags: Born, Football, Wrong

If you're going to be wrong, be dramatically wrong.

Tags: Wrong

In '82 Brazil showed that you can't win the World Cup without a solid defense.

Tags: Defense, Solid, Win

Live television is always stressful and the more you do it, the more you realise what can go wrong.

Tags: Stressful, Television, Wrong

Manchester City have been in the doldrums for a while, they came up and went straight back down again.

Tags: Again, City, While
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People say I'm bad at a lot of things. One I agree with is that I'm a bad driver.

Tags: Agree, Bad, Driver

Potentially he could be. He scored the goal four years ago in France against Argentina that was extraordinary.

Tags: Against, Four, Goal

The boy can do anything, but to be the star of the World Cup you have got to get to the final and win it!

Tags: Boy, Star, Win

The Italians are very strong defensively. They showed in Euro 2000 how good defensively they are.

Tags: Good, Italians, Strong

The scar on my forehead is from running through a plate-glass panel when I was 15. I had 27 stitches, which took two hours.

Tags: Hours, Running, Took

The World Cup needs a brilliant Brazilian team.

Tags: Brilliant, Needs, Team

These guys live and breathe football; they get something out of going to the training ground every day.

Tags: Football, Guys, Training

What I always do is just look at the players, look at the best 11 they can put on the pitch.

Tags: Best, Players, Put

When George Graham was there they complained, harking back to better days, but I think that's a fantasy.

Tags: Days, Fantasy, George
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