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Alex Grey's Quotes

Alex Grey profile photo

Born: 1953-11-29
Profession: Artist
Nation: American
Biography of Alex Grey

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In a society that tries to standardize thinking, individuality is not highly prized.

Tags: Highly, Society, Thinking

The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent. All beings and things are residents in your awareness.

Tags: Awareness, End, Infinite

It is the prayer of my innermost being to realize my supreme identity in the liberated play of consciousness, the Vast Expanse. Now is the moment, Here is the place of Liberation.

Tags: Moment, Place, Prayer

I acknowledge the privilege of being alive in a human body at this moment, endowed with senses, memories, emotions, thoughts, and the space of mind in its wisdom aspect.

Tags: Human, Mind, Wisdom

To bare our souls is all we ask, to give all we have to life and the beings surrounding us. Here the nature spirits are intense and we appreciate them, make offerings to them - these nature spirits who call us here - sealing our fate with each other, celebrating our love.

Tags: Life, Love, Nature

I became really interested in the study of consciousness.

Tags: Interested, Study

My father was a professional artist all his life who encouraged my path as an artist.

Tags: Father, Life, Path

Spiritual teachers and artists that have opened the eye of wisdom for the world, and visionary community builders, have influenced my work.

Tags: Spiritual, Wisdom, Work

The creative principle is less about dogma and more about opening ourselves to the evolution of consciousness.

Tags: Creative, Less, Ourselves

The web of life, love, suffering and death unites all beings.

Tags: Death, Life, Love

I think that that's why artists make art - it is difficult to put into words unless you are a poet. What it takes is being open to the flow of universal creativity. The Zen artists knew this.

Tags: Art, Why, Words

I use a lot of different words for God - infinite intelligence, primordial, perfection or universal creativity. All of these, to me, are God. And 'God' is a word, I think, that some people feel uncomfortable with, so they can use another word, you know? It's the great mystery.

Tags: God, Great, Words

It was 1975. I had spent the year at the Boston Museum School doing some very bizarre performance works. The last one included going to the North Magnetic Pole and spending all of my money.

Tags: Last, Money, School

My art has always been in response to visions. Rather than confine my subject to representations of the outer worlds, I include portrayals of the multi-dimensional imaginal realms that pull us toward consciousness evolution.

Tags: Art, Rather, Toward
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