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Alison Brie's Quotes

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Born: 1982-12-29
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Alison Brie

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A wedding, people decide to get married, it comes out of such love for one another and then women can turn into these other people. They're planning something that's the biggest event they'll ever plan in their lives and it turns them into this other person, so it's not totally the guy's fault that he's feeling disconnected from this person.

Tags: Love, Wedding, Women

Honestly, my favorite kind of dancing is just lettin' loose. There's something great about the carefree flinging of your body to great music. It can be so joyous.

Tags: Body, Great, Music

I don't know much about writing a show or being a show-runner on a show, but I can only imagine that when you first cast a show and you first do a pilot, there are so many components that you're throwing into the mix and you're not sure how they're going to develop.

Tags: Show, Sure, Writing

I kind of love going to weddings - it's a guilty pleasure. I've never been the wedding-y type girl dreaming about the big day, the dress, but I always cry. Always. Even if I don't know the bride that well, I'm verklempt!

Tags: Big, Girl, Love

I like to have my breakfast in bed, and I use that time to watch the recorded shows on my TiVo. I seldom watch shows in real time - I'm always at work.

Tags: Real, Time, Work

I think Twitter is such a cool thing because it really is a direct line to the fans and for fans back to you, and it's such a new thing. I think in the past there's been usually fan mail and that's really good, but Twitter, it gets an immediate response.

Tags: Cool, Good, Past

I'm really not a TV junkie... OK, I kind of am a TV junkie, but I'm much more of a movie junkie - my junk food is romantic comedies I've seen a million times.

Tags: Food, Romantic, Times

I've always loved film and wanted to work in film. I just love working and creating new characters, and trying different genres and different things. For me, I just love to work and I love movies.

Tags: Love, Movies, Work

If you're a guy, you should get girls flowers all the time. They never get old and you can never get them enough. I'm never disappointed when I get flowers. I always thought guys who don't buy women flowers are such fools. All it takes is one. A little goes a long way with flowers.

Tags: Thought, Time, Women

My first TV job was on an episode of 'Hannah Montana'... Since then, I've been fortunate to end up on shows that are just such a high quality, where the writing and material is incredible.

Tags: End, Job, Writing

Twitter is the first information that I ingest in the morning. When there are important things happening, friends of mine who follow news feeds will report on it, so I find out about most major news on Twitter.

Tags: Follow, Friends, Morning

You wanna do a lot of backstory for your character - as an actor, you wanna research that. But on the show, it's fun to remain in that naive place as you go along, and be able to continue to discover things about your character as the writers come up with them.

Tags: Character, Fun, Place

'30 Rock' is probably one of my favorite shows. It's just joke after joke after joke.

Tags: After, Joke, Rock

A lot of people come to Los Angeles and think that they're going to be famous, just like that.

Tags: Angeles, Famous, Los

I always wanted to play a mental patient. I was fascinated with playing crazy people in college, and I don't know if I ever quite perfected it.

Tags: College, Crazy, Wanted

I enjoy doing drama, and I enjoy doing comedy equally.

Tags: Comedy, Drama, Enjoy

I feel like any time John Oliver is added to something, the comedy is instantly there. He's so funny.

Tags: Comedy, Funny, Time

I get pigeonholed into type-A personality characters, but I'm really not type A. I'm kind of a spaz.

Tags: Characters, Type

I like that 'Mad Men' is now an adjective I use to describe clothing when I'm shopping: 'I like this top. It's very 'Mad Men.''

Tags: Mad, Men, Top

I like to be in pain when I'm getting massaged. That way I know I'm getting my money's worth.

Tags: Getting, Money, Pain

I look really good in a scuba suit.

Tags: Good, Scuba, Suit

I love Jason Bateman. He's so funny.

Tags: Funny, Jason, Love

I think I used to be lower maintenance. I think I'm slowly becoming higher maintenance.

Tags: Becoming, Higher, Used
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I think it's important to be honest with yourself about what you want and it's important to be honest with your partner about what you need.

Tags: Honest, Partner, Yourself

I think it's never too late to learn - or it's a lesson that's good to continue learning - that you need to treat everyone on a set with respect.

Tags: Good, Learning, Respect

I think that a big part of comedy is being made fun of, and it is looking silly or looking stupid.

Tags: Big, Fun, Stupid

I try to be very much in control when it comes to work. I have a strong work ethic.

Tags: Control, Strong, Work

I was always a bit of a jokester.

Tags: Bit

I'm a generally optimistic person.

Tags: Generally, Optimistic

I've always loved film and wanted to work in film. I just love working and creating new characters, and trying different genres and different things.

Tags: Love, Trying, Work

In my personal life, I'm hilarious! I was always a bit of a jokester.

Tags: Bit, Life, Personal

Money means better meals at better places.

Tags: Means, Money, Places

My parents are definitely reformed hippies.

Tags: Definitely, Hippies, Parents

Ted Danson is amazing. He's incredible.

Tags: Amazing, Incredible, Ted

What is it about women that they just go right for the guy that totally repulses them?

Tags: Guy, Totally, Women

You know, 'Mad Men' is notoriously secretive with its plotlines, even with exposing them to actors on the show.

Tags: Mad, Men, Show

Your opinion is not influenced by anyone when you're alone at a matinee. It's just you and the movie.

Tags: Alone, Anyone, Opinion

I have done almost every human activity inside a taxi which does not require main drainage.

Tags: Almost, Done, Human

Violence is the repartee of the illiterate.

Tags: Illiterate, Repartee, Violence

The majority of them give the impression of being men who have been drafted into the job during a period of martial law and are only waiting for the end of the emergency to get back to a really congenial occupation such as slum demolition or debt collecting.

Tags: End, Men, Waiting