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American Express Quotes

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They're pushing credit cards. They don't take Visa, but they do take American Express, or they don't take this one, but they take that one, or you'd better bring this one, or if you forget who you are, look on your credit card; it will be there.

Tags: American, Bring, Forget  ✍ Author: Bill Janklow

The only reason I made a commercial for American Express was to pay for my American Express bill.

Tags: American, Pay, Reason  ✍ Author: Peter Ustinov

Never met Levinson. Ever. He directed those American Express spots for us for Seinfeld, and I was off on some guest spot that I didn't even want to do... and I got talked into doing it.

Tags: American, Express, Off  ✍ Author: Patrick Warburton

I did a couple of American Express commercials.

Tags: American, Couple, Express  ✍ Author: Jason Dohring

Well, we were originally called Huey Lewis and the American Express. But on the eve of the release of our first record, our record label, Chrysalis Records was afraid that we'd be sued by American Express.

Tags: Afraid, American, Express  ✍ Author: Huey Lewis

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