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Art Spiegelman's Quotes

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Born: 1948-02-15
Profession: Artist
Nation: American
Biography of Art Spiegelman

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Instead of yelling at a TV set, I get to talk.

Tags: Talk, Tv, Yelling

Some of the reviewers wanted less. Some wanted lots more. Some wanted lots more of something else. But these strips are exactly what they are.

Tags: Else, Less, Wanted

Well, I am not 100 percent sure of the definition of polemic, but it wasn't meant to convince anybody of anything.

Tags: Anybody, Percent, Sure

I always have been and will remain someone who loves real, 3D, substantial books. And I don't believe that it's a wistful, nostalgic interest like vinyl collectors. It's not the same thing.

Tags: Books, Real, Someone

I became comfortable with what I knew would be the process of trying to pick up the pieces of brain that were in the rubble and tried to make some mosaic out of the pieces and that that would be the trajectory.

Tags: Brain, Process, Trying

I would say that, in the future, the book will be reserved for things that function best as a book. So, if I need a textbook that's going to be out of date because of new technological inventions, you're better off having it where you can download the supplements or the update.

Tags: Best, Book, Future

I'm supposed to be making comics, so I had to do it the best way I knew how, which is what those guys at the beginning of the Twentieth Century were doing.

Tags: Beginning, Best, Making

The technology that threatens to kill off books as we know them - the 'physical book,' a new phrase in our language - is also making the physical book capable of being more beautiful than books have been since the middle ages.

Tags: Beautiful, Book, Technology

With any work worth its salt, you have to trust the author enough to take its measure. And if you apply too many preconceptions, you are not taking its measure.

Tags: Enough, Trust, Work
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Art Spiegelman's quote #4
Art Spiegelman's quote #4
Art Spiegelman's quote #4