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And I don't think that success can be measured by how many TV shows you're on.

Tags: Shows, Success  ✍ Author: Clay Aiken

In California, they don't throw their garbage away - they make it into TV shows.

Tags: Away, Shows  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

Who bothers to cook TV dinners? I suck them frozen.

Tags: Cook, Suck  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

I acted in millions of TV shows.

Tags: Millions, Shows  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

I'm a TV junkie. I'm always flipping through channels.

Tags: Channels, Junkie  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

I did the figure of Diana in V, a cult TV show seen all over the world.

Tags: Seen, Show  ✍ Author: Jane Badler

I'm not satisfied with the explanations I get from tv or from school.

Tags: Satisfied, School  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu

I am in so many movies that are on TV at 2:00 a.m. that people think I am dead.

Tags: Dead, Movies  ✍ Author: Michael Caine

A rabid sports fan is one that boos a TV set.

Tags: Fan, Sports  ✍ Author: Jimmy Cannon

I would like for my kids to at least have some familiarity with who I am: 'It's the man from TV!'

Tags: Kids  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

I'm competitive at everything.

Tags: Star, Wanted  ✍ Author: Drew Carey

I would love to do something for TV... I wanna do 'Kavalier & Clay' on HBO as an eight-parter. It'll be so much better as a series, honestly.

Tags: Love, Series  ✍ Author: Stephen Daldry

I didn't really have any aspirations to do TV when I first decided to be an actor.

Tags: Actor, Decided  ✍ Author: Arthur Darvill

With my child, I hardly watch TV now.

Tags: Child, Watch  ✍ Author: Lindsay Davenport

I don't really know much about TV and what people want to see. I'm not that well-informed about it.

 ✍ Author: Larry David

I can't stand folk who are all snobby about reality TV.

Tags: Reality, Stand  ✍ Author: Billy Eckstine

I'm a TV junkie.

Tags: Junkie  ✍ Author: Shannon Elizabeth

If people want to see you, they'll find you. If they don't see you on TV, they'll find you on the Internet.

Tags: Internet  ✍ Author: Jimmy Fallon

I think 'On The Air' was a little too bizarre for TV.

Tags: Air, Bizarre  ✍ Author: Miguel Ferrer

There is so much we can learn from TV. It's a window on the world.

Tags: Learn, Window  ✍ Author: Stephen Fry

Actually, my favourite roles have been in theatre, but on TV, my faves were Slap Maxwell and Larry Sanders.

Tags: Actually, Theatre  ✍ Author: Megan Gallagher

I'm not a standup, but I play one on TV.

Tags: Standup  ✍ Author: Ana Gasteyer

Nobody would hire me for TV, not that they should.

Tags: Hire, Nobody  ✍ Author: Jessica Hahn

I made all their videos, apart from the last two, so if you ever see an Abba video on TV then it's my stuff.

Tags: Last, Stuff  ✍ Author: Lasse Hallstrom

At the pinnacle of great design are products so gorgeous and lust-worthy that you want to lick them: a Porsche 911, Samsung's Luxia TV, an Eames lounge chair or anything by Loro Piana.

Tags: Design, Great  ✍ Author: Ayumi Hamasaki
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My first crush was Barry Manilow. He performed on TV and I taped it. When no one was around I'd kiss the screen.

Tags: Crush, Kiss  ✍ Author: Janet Jackson

My first crush was Barry Manilow. He performed on TV and I taped it. When no was around I'd kiss the screen.

Tags: Crush, Kiss  ✍ Author: Janet Jackson

One of the first movies I ever saw was 'Batman,' based on the TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward.

Tags: Based, Movies  ✍ Author: Peter Jackson

Reality TV rots people's brains.

Tags: Brains, Reality  ✍ Author: Bianca Jagger

I'm not setting 'Jericho' up to be anything other than what it is, which is, you know, a piece of good, well thought-out, well put-together TV and entertainment.

Tags: Good, Piece  ✍ Author: Lennie James

I don't watch TV.

Tags: Watch  ✍ Author: Famke Janssen

There's a female writer-performer thing going on in TV right now.

Tags: Female  ✍ Author: Mindy Kaling

I have a hit TV show.

Tags: Hit, Show  ✍ Author: Kim Kardashian

People are recognizing that I am an entrepreneur and do more than be on a reality TV show.

Tags: Reality, Show  ✍ Author: Kim Kardashian

I think the problem with visual media like TV is that they're reductive.

Tags: Media, Problem  ✍ Author: Mary Karr

If I play my cards right, I could bring network wrestling back to TV. Unfortunately, to most people, wrestling is a laughingstock. But fortunately, I'm reaching people who otherwise wouldn't watch it.

Tags: Bring, Watch  ✍ Author: Andy Kaufman

I'm not a TV guy. I'm a restaurant chef and a businessman.

Tags: Chef, Guy  ✍ Author: Emeril Lagasse

I am like a TV antenna. I catch everything that is in the air, and then I do it my way.

Tags: Air, Catch  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

No. I mean those people really did something for designers I don't think department stores can, could or should do still today. Today the world is different so you have to make it differently. There's TV. There's a lot of things.

Tags: Mean, Today  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

TV is sort of the only way to go for an actress my age to make a decent salary; with independent films, you just can't.

Tags: Age, Films  ✍ Author: Jessica Lange

The only people who do plays in LA are people who can't get jobs in TV shows.

Tags: Jobs, Shows  ✍ Author: William H. Macy

I don't think about people watching me on TV. I think it would stress me out.

Tags: Stress, Watching  ✍ Author: Rachel Maddow

For me, I feel like reality TV is anything but these days.

Tags: Days, Reality  ✍ Author: Aubrey O\'Day

People are strange. We're all morticians. Hey, what's on TV?

Tags: Hey, Strange  ✍ Author: Tea Obreht

I think that cable TV is a great venue to do something interesting.

Tags: Great, Venue  ✍ Author: Bob Odenkirk

I hate making TV documentaries.

Tags: Hate, Making  ✍ Author: Jamie Oliver

What bothers me about TV is that it tends to take our minds off our minds.

Tags: Minds, Off  ✍ Author: Robert Orben

'Portlandia' - love it. I can consume three episodes of it without even realizing I'm watching TV.

Tags: Love, Three  ✍ Author: Adam Pally

I don't watch much TV or films, but I've watched Cameron Diaz.

Tags: Films, Watch  ✍ Author: Christopher Parker

I never know why people come up to me. I think a lot of them just get super-excited because they recognize me from TV but they don't remember where.

Tags: Remember, Why  ✍ Author: Mary-Louise Parker

Too much TV hurts movies.

Tags: Hurts, Movies  ✍ Author: Elvis Presley

Then my own TV chat show in England in 1989.

Tags: England, Show  ✍ Author: Suzi Quatro

There's certainly more work for me in TV these days.

Tags: Days, Work  ✍ Author: Aidan Quinn

TV is a writer's medium.

Tags: Medium, Writer  ✍ Author: Sara Ramirez

I love trainwrecks on live TV.

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Giuliana Rancic

I did my own music videos, my own TV commercials.

Tags: Music, Videos  ✍ Author: Helen Reddy

I do get stopped a bit now and then, but I can go to the supermarket and on the Tube without being noticed. It's usually me that gets starstruck, especially by TV stars.

Tags: Bit, Stars  ✍ Author: Eddie Redmayne

I really don't have the time to spend much time online, I do have web tv, which I use when I need information.

Tags: Spend, Time  ✍ Author: B. Carroll Reece

When I was younger, I didn't want to be on TV.

Tags: Younger  ✍ Author: Portia Simpson-Miller

I love TV.

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Katey Sagal

Get in your kitchens, buy unprocessed foods, turn off the TV, and prepare your own foods. This is liberating.

Tags: Off, Turn  ✍ Author: Abdus Salam

Reality TV, although I'm a part of it, I think reality TV is a terrible thing.

Tags: Reality, Terrible  ✍ Author: Andre Leon Talley

I looked like an alien, and in front of the most beautiful people on TV.

Tags: Beautiful, Front  ✍ Author: Christine Taylor

On TV the people can see it. On radio you've got to create it.

Tags: Create, Radio  ✍ Author: Bob Uecker

I love TV. I love the stability of it.

Tags: Love, Stability  ✍ Author: Gabrielle Union

When you're a guest star on TV shows - particularly in the 1960s - you're always the villain.

Tags: Shows, Star  ✍ Author: Robert Vaughn

2006, I started 'WineLibrary TV.' To build 'WineLibrary TV,' I started using Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter in 2008.

Tags: Build, Started  ✍ Author: Gary Vaynerchuk

I still haven't played a leading role in cinema or in TV, and that's something that I long for.

Tags: Played, Role  ✍ Author: Sofia Vergara

I like TV, I feel comfortable there and I'm willing to take every opportunity that's offered to me.

Tags: Offered, Willing  ✍ Author: Sofia Vergara

I had plenty of offers to do sponsorships and TV commercials, but it's just not in me. I would love to get that out of me, but I just don't feel comfortable with it.

Tags: Love, Offers  ✍ Author: Mark Viduka

When videotape came so a lot of movies that I do have a kind of afterlife in video. Things where movies that I do would come and go; they still come and go but you can go rent them and see them on TV.

Tags: Movies, Video  ✍ Author: Christopher Walken

That tv box has a tremendous capacity to reach people.

Tags: Capacity, Reach  ✍ Author: Clint Walker

Nuclear weapons and TV have simply intensified the consequences of our tendencies, upped the stakes.

Tags: Nuclear, Simply  ✍ Author: David Foster Wallace

I live a dramatic life, it's just not on TV yet.

Tags: Dramatic, Life  ✍ Author: Marc Wallice

I don't really watch TV series because I don't want to get hooked on them and have them suck up all my time.

Tags: Time, Watch  ✍ Author: M. Ward

I'd love to venture into TV or do some gritty dramas - Guy Ritchie, that kind of thing.

Tags: Guy, Love  ✍ Author: Shayne Ward

TV is chewing gum for the eyes.

Tags: Eyes, Funny  ✍ Author: Frank Lloyd Wright

In an ideal world, I'd bounce between big projects and no-budget TV dramas with fantastic scripts.

Tags: Between, Big  ✍ Author: David Yates

Mobile is a lot closer to TV than it is to desktop.

Tags: Closer, Mobile  ✍ Author: Mark Zuckerberg

Bob Altman got nothing from the TV series 'M*A*S*H,' and the royalties for the theme song went to his oldest son, Michael, who wrote it as a 15-year-old poet!

Tags: Son, Song  ✍ Author: Carl Zuckmayer

TV is the place that writers want to be.

Tags: Place, Writers  ✍ Author: Ayelet Zurer

I loved the medium of TV from the first moment that I got into a studio.

Tags: Loved, Moment  ✍ Author: Sophie Aldred

Every time I went on TV I got a threat.

Tags: Threat, Time  ✍ Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

As long as ugly people are not on TV, you should only ever have interesting people on TV.

Tags: Ugly  ✍ Author: Marc Almond

In Spain there were no TV rights for Formula One.

Tags: Rights, Spain  ✍ Author: Fernando Alonso

I cringe when I watch myself on TV.

Tags: Cringe, Watch  ✍ Author: Peter Andre

I couldn't bloody believe a prime-time TV show would have an Iraqi ex-Republican Guard torturer as a main character.

Tags: Character, Show  ✍ Author: Naveen Andrews

TV is like theater. You can't enjoy it without a program.

Tags: Enjoy, Theater  ✍ Author: Walter Annenberg

I was from the bush, watching Greg Norman on TV, but it was a world away.

Tags: Away, Watching  ✍ Author: Stuart Appleby

I'm not a nerd, I play one on TV.

Tags: Nerd  ✍ Author: Curtis Armstrong

I was 18 when I got my first TV job.

Tags: Job  ✍ Author: Andrea Arnold

TV viewing is normally a passive, mindless occupation.

Tags: Occupation, Passive  ✍ Author: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

I don't watch reality TV.

Tags: Reality, Watch  ✍ Author: Dave Attell

I like doing stand-up and I love putting out TV specials.

Tags: Love, Putting  ✍ Author: Dave Attell

TV writing is tricky to navigate because you have so many different personalities - the actors, multiple producers.

Tags: Tricky, Writing  ✍ Author: Roger Avary

I had kind of sworn off network TV a while ago.

Tags: Off, While  ✍ Author: Hank Azaria

My real life is funnier than anything on TV.

Tags: Life, Real  ✍ Author: Roseanne Barr

We're kind of in a voyeuristic world. We have TV shows that are all about watching people do weird things in houses. People are obsessed with that. There's live coverage of it.

Tags: Shows, Weird  ✍ Author: Jamie Bell

What I really see myself doing is late-night TV. No woman has ever done it.

Tags: Done, Woman  ✍ Author: Anna Benson

I think a lot of times on TV we see caricatures - that's what's funny.

Tags: Funny, Times  ✍ Author: Mayim Bialik

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