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Barbara Hershey's Quotes

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Born: 1948-02-05
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Barbara Hershey

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Yes, it was love at first sight. I feel that after all these years, I have finally found my soul mate.

Tags: After, Love, Soul

I am not afraid of aging, but more afraid of people's reactions to my aging.

Tags: Afraid, Aging, Reactions

So I was always passionate about it and felt that it was sort of the golden thread inside me in terms of what I was supposed to do in terms of work but I think I have relaxed a lot in terms of the actual experience and actually enjoy it more and enjoy the people more.

Tags: Enjoy, Experience, Work

I know actors come around and they always talk like that, but I don't do publicity if I don't like the film.

Tags: Film, Publicity, Talk

Sydney's a beautiful city. It was a great experience.

Tags: Beautiful, Experience, Great

I just think Australia tends to make very good movies, so if someone hands me an Australian or an American film script I would guess the Australian film would be more intriguing.

Tags: Good, Movies, Someone

I like the sensibility of Australian film a lot and the crews are fantastic. Great characters, wonderful people and no line between - I think in Hollywood they have this line between actors and crew a lot, and that just didn't exist, which I really appreciated.

Tags: Between, Great, Wonderful

I look back on my life like everybody does but not just career. I mean I look back on my life as a whole, so I don't think that I dwell there or anything and in terms of work I hope that there is a lot in front of me.

Tags: Hope, Life, Work

I loved that it was about human relationships and then it was a mystery without falling into the trap of a thriller per se, because it pulled you in through people rather than through events or effects.

Tags: Human, Loved, Rather

It's also very painful, because I feel, and I know, probably all women my age and older feel like we're better and have more to give and are more fun now.

Tags: Age, Fun, Women

That's what everyone said attracted them to Lantana - I call it an adult mystery, because it's not a thriller in the sense of that other way, but it is a mystery.

Tags: Everyone, Said, Sense
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