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Berkeley Breathed's Quotes

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Born: 1957-06-21
Profession: Cartoonist
Nation: American
Biography of Berkeley Breathed

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Negative humor is forgotten immediately. It's the stuff that makes us feel better about our lives that lives long. Much more satisfying. Enter children's books.

Tags: Children, Humor, Negative

Such is the nature of comic strips. Once established, their half-life is usually more than nuclear waste. Typically, the end result is lazy, rich cartoonists.

Tags: End, Lazy, Nature

That's the conundrum of cartoon stripping, as opposed to political cartoons. When your anger is the driving force of your drawing hand, failure follows. The anger is OK, but it has to serve the interests of the heart, frankly.

Tags: Anger, Failure, Heart

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

Tags: Childhood, Happy, Late

Despite what they tell you, there are simply no moral absolutes in a complex world.

Tags: Moral, Simply, Tell

I can say that even in the midst of my most cynical comic stripping: Opus shone through with a bit of heart, anchoring the ugly proceedings with a comforting pull of emotion.

Tags: Emotion, Heart, Ugly

And that's why any of my picture books exist: They all seem to be built backwards from a simple, emotionally optimistic story beat.

Tags: Simple, Story, Why

Bloom County was set in a tidy, rural environment probably because of Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'

Tags: Bloom, Rural, Tidy

Cartooning is about deconstruction: you gotta tear something down to make a joke.

Tags: Gotta, Joke, Tear

Doonesbury had the requisite and overwhelming influence in 1980, as it did on any college cartoonist who was paying attention, of course.

Tags: Attention, College, Influence

'Harry Potter' shouldn't be children's first experience with suspense and plot turns.

Tags: Children, Experience, Suspense

I grew up in Los Angeles and always wished I'd spent a childhood in a far different place.

Tags: Childhood, Far, Place

I ignore Hallmark Holidays. And this comes from a guy who has sold a million Opus greeting cards.

Tags: Guy, Holidays, Ignore

I started as a news photographer at the University Of Texas' Daily Texan.

Tags: Daily, Started, Texas

If I could have drawn a cat yelling for lasagna every day for 15 years and have them pay me $30 million to do so, I would have.

Tags: Cat, Million, Pay

If nothing is serious anymore, then there's nothing to satirize.

Tags: Anymore, Serious

It was a huge challenge to learn digital painting well enough so that computers don't pop into mind when one sees one.

Tags: Computers, Enough, Mind

Keep in mind that in 1985, I had a potential readership of over 50 million Americans. At that time, a good portion of those were under 30.

Tags: Good, Mind, Time

My post-child period resulted in one instant change: I write shorter books for kids.

Tags: Change, Kids, Write

Some of us find our lives abridged even before the paperback comes out.

Tags: Lives, Paperback

The comic page is dying; I didn't want to go with it.

Tags: Comic, Dying, Page

I could draw Bloom County with my nose and pay my cleaning lady to write it, and I'd bet I wouldn't lose 10% of my papers over the next twenty years. Such is the nature of comic-strips. Once established, their half-life is usually more than nuclear waste.

Tags: Lose, Nature, Write

I drew the last image ever of Opus at midnight while Puccini was playing and I got rather stupid. Thirty years. A bit like saying goodbye to a child - which is ironic because I was never, never sentimental about him as many of his fans were.

Tags: Him, Saying, Stupid

I happen to think nearly everybody - especially those one might find in the odd issue of 'People' magazine, including me - is frightfully boring, Especially me. And Tom Cruise. Tom and I are alike in only this way.

Tags: Boring, Everybody, Happen

I knew 'Mars Needs Moms! ' would be a movie seconds after the title came to mind. Similarly, I also knew that my daughter would be calling me a dork as a default term of endearment eventually.

Tags: After, Mind, Movie

I paint digitally now. A pity, in some ways, as the biggest price one pays is that you no longer have a finished piece of physical art to hang on a wall. I miss that terribly.

Tags: Art, Longer, Miss
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I will go to my grave in a state of abject endless fascination that we all have the capacity to become emotionally involved with a personality that doesn't exist.

Tags: Become, Exist, State

I'll confess right here that I secretly wish I'd have drawn a strip about a little boy with a fake tiger, going for adventures throughout the universe in spaceships of his imagination.

Tags: Fake, Here, Wish

Whatever we are waiting for - peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance - it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.

Tags: Mind, Peace, Waiting

Always remember that striving and struggle precede success, even in the dictionary.

Tags: Remember, Struggle, Success

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.

Tags: Grateful, Home, Moment

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.

Tags: Dreamers, Dreams, Needs

The authentic self is the soul made visible.

Tags: Inspirational, Self, Soul

An authentic life is the most personal form of worship. Everyday life has become my prayer.

Tags: Become, Life, Prayer

Faith is the very first thing you should pack in a hope chest.

Tags: Faith, Hope, Pack

Grace is available for each of us every day - our spiritual daily bread - but we've got to remember to ask for it with a grateful heart and not worry about whether there will be enough for tomorrow.

Tags: Heart, Spiritual, Tomorrow

Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.

Tags: Hope, Life, Spring

Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart.

Tags: Blessed, Giving, Heart

Let's choose today to quench our thirst for the 'good life' we thinks others lead by acknowledging the good that already exists in our lives. We can then offer the universe the gift of our grateful hearts.

Tags: Good, Life, Today
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