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Bill Ford's Quotes

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Born: 1957-05-03
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Bill Ford

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Nobody's irreplaceable, including me. I think for too long we've had a cult of personality in this company and in this industry, and frankly, I'd like to see that diminish.

Tags: Company, Industry, Nobody

I think the world is filled with so much hype and PR bull. Frankly, it all comes out in the end. Good or bad, I'd rather just let our accomplishments really speak for themselves.

Tags: Bad, End, Good

One of the things I've had the advantage of, growing up and being close to the top management of this company and other companies for most of my life, is seeing how CEOs start to believe in their own infallibility. And that really scares me.

Tags: Growing, Life, Start

I don't ever want to believe my own press clippings, good or bad.

Tags: Bad, Good, Press

We took our eye off the ball as a company.

Tags: Company, Off, Took

I walked in and inherited a management group that I didn't know very well. They didn't know me, and we had a very short window to put together a credible recovery plan.

Tags: Put, Short, Together

When we're in a peak, we make a ton of money, and as soon as we make a ton of money, we're desperately looking for a way to spend it. And we diversify into areas that, frankly, we don't know how to run very well.

Tags: Looking, Money, Run
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