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Belinda Carlisle's Profile

Brief about Belinda Carlisle: By info that we know Belinda Carlisle was born at 1958-08-17. And also Belinda Carlisle is American Musician.

Some Belinda Carlisle's quotes. Goto "Belinda Carlisle's quotation" section for more.

Life's too short to be a Go-Go for twenty years.

Tags: Life, Short, Twenty

However, if you listen to me I think you can hear years of abuse in my voice - both bad abuse and good abuse.

Tags: Bad, Both, Good

I had no musical training at all.

Tags: Musical, Training

I just liked the idea of being engaged.

Tags: Engaged, Idea, Liked

I mean, in rock music terms I'm like a dinosaur.

Tags: Mean, Music, Rock

I was like the good girl, bad girl, there were no grey areas for me.

Tags: Bad, Girl, Good

It will shock many - I've lived a full life and really enjoyed my time as a pop star.

Tags: Life, Star, Time

You don't have to be age 20 and size zero to be sexually viable or viable as a woman.

Tags: Age, Size, Woman

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