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Benjamin Walker's Profile

Brief about Benjamin Walker: By info that we know Benjamin Walker was born at 1982-06-21. And also Benjamin Walker is American Actor.

Benjamin Walker Biography

  • Benjamin Walker Davis, popularly known as Benjamin Walker (June 21, 1982) is an American actor both in broadway and the silver screen and is a stand-up comedian.
  • Born in Georgia to a music teacher mother, Jeannine Walker and Greg Davis, his father, who owned a movie rental store and works in financial services.He has one older brother. He studied in Catersville High School in Georgia, then in Interlochen Arts Academy in Traverse City, Michigan and graduated in 2004 from the Actor Training Program of the Juilliard School in New York City.
  • As a broadway actor, he appeared as a cast in several stage plays like The Arrangements in 2005 at Altantic Threatre Company, Spring Awakening workshop by the Lincold Center Theatre and Lady Windermere's Fan in the same year and Romeo and Juliet the following year (2006). But his break came  in  February 2007, when he portrayed Bertram Cates in the Broadway revival of Inherit the Wind which premiered at the Lyceum Threatre on April 12 and ran for 10-weeks. The show received four Tony nominations. By April 2008, Walker then appeared as the inexperienced lover Chevalier Danceny, in Les Liasons Dandereuses, produced by the Roundabout Theatre Company and was nominated for six Tony awards. In 2010, he was praised for his acclaimed performance as Andrew Jackson in a musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, but to play the part he had to turn down the role as Hank McCoy or the Beast in X-Men:First Class. In recent years, he portrayed Brick in a revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof .
  • As a screen actor, Walker  first appeared as the young Kinsey in Kinsey (2004) and in 2006 as Haron Block in Flags of Our Fathers. He also starred in a short fim All Saint's Day (2007), which was the winner of the Savannah College of Art and Design for the short narrative category and in the independent film, Coach and The War Boys in 2009. He then star as Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in June 2012 and as Kevin Connolly in the 2012 film Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight.
  • His career as a stand-up comedian started while he was at Julliard.  He is gifted with the charm in comedy and has performed at Caroline's and Comedy Village in NYC; and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. He has his won comedy show titled " Find the Funny". which is performed regularly in NYC. It features comical and taped short narratives and skits. He became engaged to actress Mamie Gummer in 2009 and got married to her in 2011. They lived together in an apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Sadly, they announced their amicable separation in March 2013 as well as their plans for divorce.

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You know, 1% of us is in the armed forces, protecting the other 99, and they're all volunteers.

Tags: Armed, Forces, Protecting

The only thing more intimidating than a huge international film star is your mother-in-law.

Tags: Film, Huge, Star

Don't trust somebody that don't have a troubled period.

Tags: Period, Somebody, Trust

Even the greatest actors have had dry spells where they've wondered if they were going to work again.

Tags: Again, Greatest, Work

Every job is an opportunity to be a better person.

Tags: Job

I always felt that if somebody picks on you it's because they're not happy doing what they're doing.

Tags: Felt, Happy, Somebody

I can always go back to construction. That's great money, but the problem is you can cut off your hand.

Tags: Great, Money, Problem

I only play projects with weird interpretations of presidents.

Tags: Presidents, Projects, Weird

I went to Julliard and we did a lot of mask work there, and I remember thinking in class, 'When am I ever going to use this?'

Tags: Remember, Thinking, Work

I'd consider myself a flailing comedy writer.

Tags: Comedy, Consider, Writer

My dad is kind of a rascal, like in a Dickensian sense. He just goes from career to career.

Tags: Career, Dad, Sense

New Orleans in an amazing town.

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Part of your job as an artist is to push yourself and make sure your creative juices are flowing.

Tags: Creative, Job, Yourself

You learn history in school, and you have a reverential feeling toward it. But by being irreverent, it feels current.

Tags: Feeling, History, School

You never can take for granted that you have a job.

Tags: Granted, Job

You never know when you'll have a bad idea for a worse joke.

Tags: Bad, Idea, Joke

You think of George Washington, this man who was larger than life, and in some ways he was. But at the same time, he's just a person.

Tags: Life, Time, Ways

If it doesn't feel like a job and I'm learning something and getting that rush that I get, I don't care if it's behind a camera, on a TV set, or on the moon.

Tags: Care, Job, Learning

Maybe I'm naive, but I subscribe to the idea that nobody is actually making strategic decisions about their career. Trying to do that would be like playing three-card monte on Canal Street.

Tags: Career, Decisions, Trying

The place I feel most at home is when I have health insurance. I really don't care how I get it, whether it's on film, or television or waiting tables, you know?

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