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Brigitte Nielsen's Profile

Brief about Brigitte Nielsen: By info that we know Brigitte Nielsen was born at 1963-07-15. And also Brigitte Nielsen is Danish Actress.

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Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me. Before you have your first baby you are a girl and then you become a mother. There is no transition into being a woman; you literally become a mum and being a mum means you always love someone else more than yourself and it is an unexplainable situation.

Tags: Best, Love, Mother

All I know is it destroyed my family, it destroyed my marriage to Sylvester and I will never get over it.

Tags: Destroyed, Family, Marriage

I do expose my body, but only because I think people should have something nice to look at.

Tags: Body, Expose, Nice

I go every year to the Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives and it's spectacular.

Tags: Year

I know I am the first female celebrity in the world who has allowed herself to be filmed like that in an operating theatre.

Tags: Celebrity, Female, Theatre

I'm not a beautiful person and I never have been.

Tags: Beautiful

I've lost bags all over the world and had cases end up in London, Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Miami.

Tags: End, London, Lost

It's a very, very tricky situation. I haven't said yes to either of them.

Tags: Either, Said, Situation

Once you enter the public's eye, you have to be aware that you give up a huge part of your own life.

Tags: Give, Life, Once

People think I'm strong as hard as I look. But I've a very sensitive side and need to be loved by everyone.

Tags: Everyone, Hard, Strong

Whether you go to Turkey or Mexico, China or Australia, find time to involve yourself with the people you're dealing with.

Tags: Time, Whether, Yourself

Who says I'm gonna marry another guy? In Europe it's not like in America, where you set a date.

Tags: America, Another, Guy

I know I will be breaking a taboo. But I'm sure that it will provoke a new discussion. It's time things change. I feel 30 and want to look that way again.

Tags: Again, Change, Time

I was shooting a bikini promotion in Mahe in the Seychelles in 1980 when there was a military coup and I, along with a roomful of other people, ended up being kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint in a windowless room with no ventilation for 36 hours.

Tags: Along, Military, Room

I'm 48 now and I would like to have another baby. I would love to because of all the things I have learned. It would be like starting all over again. But am I too old? I'm young at heart and I would be different this time round.

Tags: Heart, Love, Time

I've covered a lot of ground geographically and emotionally and for years I lost my connection with my family. But the best comfort you can have, whether you are on the phone or sitting there in the living room with them, is with your parents, and to me family has always meant protection. When you smile you get a smile back, unconditionally.

Tags: Best, Family, Smile

My childhood was really comfortable and secure, but school was a nightmare. I was a lot taller than the other girls and they called me Gitte the giraffe.

Tags: Childhood, Nightmare, School

When you makes movies, you usually make good money. But it is also a very tough job. Once you enter the public's eye, you have to be aware that you give up a huge part of your own life. And it is never a job from nine to five.

Tags: Good, Life, Money
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