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Diane von Furstenberg's Profile

Brief about Diane von Furstenberg: By info that we know Diane von Furstenberg was born at 1946-12-31. And also Diane von Furstenberg is Belgian Designer.

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I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.

Tags: Good, Life, Travel

Attitude is everything.

Tags: Attitude

Just don't go to a place where everything is too expensive... it'll put your husband in a bad mood.

Tags: Bad, Husband, Put

Go to a place where you're not going to be stressed, because a honeymoon itself can be a stressful thing.

Tags: Place, Stressed, Stressful

I design for the woman who loves being a woman.

Tags: Design, Loves, Woman

My clothes are great for a honeymoon: They're light and sexy, colorful and pretty, and not expensive.

Tags: Great, Pretty, Sexy

The important thing is to take your time and not get stressed.

Tags: Stressed, Time

Bali and the Aman resorts are all very luxurious, great places to go.

Tags: Great, Luxurious, Places

Harbour Island in the Bahamas is beautiful, with turquoise water and pink sand.

Tags: Beautiful, Pink, Water

I travel in so many different ways; I travel high, I rough it... it all depends on who I travel with.

Tags: High, Travel, Ways

Ireland is also quite nice. So is Amsterdam.

Tags: Ireland, Nice, Quite

Italy will always have the best food.

Tags: Best, Food, Italy

My son loves the Hotel du Cap, in the south of France.

Tags: Loves, Son, South

I had arranged a birthday party for him and my children, who are all Aquarians. Instead, we got married. I ran out of excuses. It was just us and my children.

Tags: Birthday, Children, Him

If you like trekking, go to the Himalayas or Peru. I love those kinds of trips. But it all depends on your own life and what you like and what you expect.

Tags: Expect, Life, Love

For Americans I'll always be Israeli, and for Israelis I'll always be American. But I really have no need for definitions.

Tags: American, Israeli, Israelis

I hope the English-speaking world can see that I'm not only an Israeli actress.

Tags: Actress, Hope, Israeli

I'm an actress, and that's my work and my passion.

Tags: Actress, Passion, Work

I've been able to work with great directors in Israel.

Tags: Able, Great, Work

When I was growing up, I was teased for being too skinny. I went to summer camp when I was 11. I wore shorts, and the nurse said to me, in front of all my friends, that I was anorexic and that she had to monitor me to make sure I was eating. Because of that trauma, I never wore short pants or short skirts until I was 20.

Tags: Friends, Said, Short