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Timothy Geithner's Profile

Brief about Timothy Geithner: By info that we know Timothy Geithner was born at 1961-08-18. And also Timothy Geithner is American Public Servant.

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We judged that a sudden, disorderly failure of Bear would have brought with it unpredictable but severe consequences for the functioning of the broader financial system and the broader economy, with lower equity prices, further downward pressure on home values, and less access to credit for companies and households.

Tags: Failure, Home, Less

We will not support returning Fannie and Freddie to the role they played before conservatorship, where they fought to take market share from private competitors while enjoying the privilege of government support.

Tags: Government, Support, While

The choice is between which mistake is easier to correct: underdoing it or overdoing it.

Tags: Between, Choice, Mistake

There is a basic lesson on financial crises that governments tend to wait too long, underestimate the risks, want to do too little. And it ultimately gets away from them, and they end up spending more money, causing much more damage to the economy.

Tags: Away, End, Money

The recognition that things that are not sustainable will eventually come to an end does not give us much of a guide to whether the transition will be calm or exciting.

Tags: Calm, End, Give

Financial crises require governments.

Tags: Crises, Financial, Require

I personally believe that there's going to be a good case for the government preserving some type of guarantee to make sure that people have the ability to borrow to finance a house even in a very damaging recession. I think there's going to be a good case for that.

Tags: Finance, Good, Government

Looking past the immediate crisis, a more resilient system must be built on stronger and better designed shock absorbers, both in the major institutions and in the infrastructure of the financial system.

Tags: Crisis, Looking, Past

Monetary policy itself cannot sensibly be directed at reducing imbalances.

Tags: Cannot, Monetary, Policy

Most consequential choices involve shades of gray, and some fog is often useful in getting things done.

Tags: Done, Getting, Often

The government can help, but we need to make this transition now to a recovery led by private investment, private.

Tags: Government, Help, Investment

The plausible outcomes range from the gradual and benign to the more precipitous and damaging.

Tags: Benign, Outcomes, Plausible

Although this crisis in some ways started in the United States, it is a global crisis. We bear a substantial share of the responsibility for what has happened, but factors that made the crisis so acute and so difficult to contain lie in a broader set of global forces that built up in the years before the start of our current troubles.

Tags: Crisis, Difficult, Lie

And I think it's a prudent, responsible way, given the scale of the emergency, the scale of the damage still facing America, that we finance these additional support for the unemployed as well as the support for small business. We think there's a good case for doing it now. We want to do it in an overall fiscally responsible way.

Tags: Business, Finance, Good

As financial markets continue to broaden and deepen, the behavior of asset prices will play an important role in the formulation of monetary policy going forward, perhaps a more important role than in the past.

Tags: Financial, Forward, Past

But what we're determined to do, and what the reforms will do is to make sure this system goes back to its core purpose of taking the savings of Americans and from investors around the world and allocating those to people with an idea, not just the largest companies in the country, but to small businesses with an idea and a plan for growing.

Tags: Country, Idea, Small

I think we're not going to preserve Fannie and Freddie in anything like their current form. We're going to have to bring fundamental change to that market.

Tags: Bring, Change, Market

In the financial system we have today, with less risk concentrated in banks, the probability of systemic financial crises may be lower than in traditional bank-centered financial systems.

Tags: Less, May, Today

It is very important for people to understand that the United States of America and no country around the world can devalue its way to prosperity, to be competitive. It is not a viable, feasible strategy, and we will not engage in it.

Tags: America, Country, Understand

Never before in modern times has so much of the world been simultaneously hit by a confluence of economic and financial turmoil such as we are now living through.

Tags: Financial, Living, Times

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