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Nelly Furtado's Profile

Brief about Nelly Furtado: By info that we know Nelly Furtado was born at 1978-12-02. And also Nelly Furtado is Canadian Musician.

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Because of my Portuguese heritage, I have an interest in all of the instrumentation that comes from Portugal and Brazil as well.

Tags: Brazil, Heritage, Interest

Guys don't really care, they just want to get the clothes off.

Tags: Care, Guys, Off

Girls like to see girls dressed up like princesses occasionally.

Tags: Dressed, Princesses

Having the balance of a work life and a family life has been so good for me.

Tags: Family, Life, Work

Hip-hop was super-exotic to us in Canada.

Tags: Canada

I like my body so much more now since having my baby.

Tags: Baby, Body, Since

I say it's a girls' world.

Tags: Big, Self, Thinking

I'm privileged that I'm an artist.

Tags: Artist, Privileged

If you wait this long to put an album out, you'd better be sure you tried your best.

Tags: Best, Put, Wait

I remember attaching a wire clothing hanger to the antenna of my radio in my bedroom, so I could get the frequency and get that station and listen to the top 10 every night.

Tags: Listen, Night, Remember

I remember really bonding with the first generation kids, the Chinese Canadian kids, and in high school bonding with the Latin kids and the East Indian kids. It was very interesting because it made me open to lots of musical sounds.

Tags: Kids, Remember, School

I'm 27. I feel like I get it. I'm OK with being sexy if I feel like it. Some days I'm brainy, some days I'm funny, some days I'm sexy, and sometimes, I just want to dance.

Tags: Brainy, Funny, Sexy

It's just kind of empowering when you become a mother. You just get overwhelmed with this new confidence and you feel really in control of your life. It's been beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Life, Mother