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Dionne Warwick's Profile

Brief about Dionne Warwick: By info that we know Dionne Warwick was born at 1940-12-12. And also Dionne Warwick is American Musician.

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I'm not psychic myself.

Tags: Psychic

I've had some incredible moments in my life - thus far. I hope a lot more are coming.

Tags: Far, Hope, Life

It is frustrating to be a Black woman in the entertainment industry.

Tags: Black, Industry, Woman

Linda Georgian is a wonderful psychic. She can do amazing things.

Tags: Amazing, She, Wonderful

My self-imposed mandate is to be the voice for the voiceless.

Tags: Mandate, Voice, Voiceless

My songs are like my children. I love every single one of them.

Tags: Children, Love, Single

People have been so supportive of this career for so long, and they are still enjoying the music that I bring to them.

Tags: Bring, Career, Music

People like Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Marlene Dietrich and Sammy Davis Jr. all walked me down this path of entertainment.

Tags: Ella, Path, Walked

The Civil Rights for Musicians Act is about economic justice for African American artists. It's about what's right. And it's about time.

Tags: American, Justice, Time

The music for me is paradise. I think it's where God lives.

Tags: God, Lives, Music

We are all here to be a service to those who can't be a service to themselves. We can give people hope and more reasons for being human.

Tags: Give, Hope, Human

Years ago I learned to be totally responsible for Dionne Warwick. I will not wait for opportunities. I will create them.

Tags: Create, Learned, Wait

During the time that my recording career seemed to be in a slump a music called disco came on the scene and literally took over radio stations as well as having radio stations created to play it which sort of negated my music as well as that of some of my peers.

Tags: Career, Music, Time

Every time we buy a CD or download a song, the artist is paid for their work. You might not know that this isn't the case when a musician's work is played on the radio.

Tags: Song, Time, Work

Healthy children are born from healthy, respected, well-nourished and educated mothers and it is imperative that they have a voice in the decisions which affect them. If you empower a mother and let her have her say towards a poverty-free future, the positive impact this would have on ending hunger will be immense.

Tags: Future, Mother, Positive

I first came to Brazil in the Sixties. Then I started coming back every year since touring most of the country. I grew to love it, the people, the music. I thought this is where I belong. I've been living in Brazil for the past 23 years. I call it my stress-free country.

Tags: Love, Music, Past

I had said before that I'd never write an autobiography because I've been around, and there's a lot that I've seen and heard that stays with me. That's just mine. I didn't want to do a kiss-and-tell, as some of my peers have.

Tags: Said, Seen, Write

I have been blessed with some incredible compositions to record and perform and all of my songs have had the ability to grow as I and those who have supported this career of mine for these 50 years have.

Tags: Blessed, Career, Grow

I have been consistent by staying true to who I am and will continue to sing the type of songs that those who have continued to support my career expect from me.

Tags: Career, Support, True

I look at the careers of people I'm standing on the shoulders of. People like Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., and Sarah Vaughan. These are icons I wanted to emulate, and I feel like they've been holding me up for quite a long time.

Tags: Quite, Time, Wanted
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