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Ekaterina Gordeeva's Profile

Brief about Ekaterina Gordeeva: By info that we know Ekaterina Gordeeva was born at 1971-05-28. And also Ekaterina Gordeeva is Russian Athlete.

Some Ekaterina Gordeeva's quotes. Goto "Ekaterina Gordeeva's quotation" section for more.

Family is always the most important part.

Tags: Family

I knew there were a lot of friends out there, and I wanted to be with them.

Tags: Friends, Knew, Wanted

I like to cook good meals, especially when I have a lot of time.

Tags: Cook, Good, Time

I love that I have a job that I love.

Tags: Job, Love

I'm almost a full-time mom.

Tags: Almost, Mom

To come back on the ice was hard, and at the same time it was kind of a healing process.

Tags: Hard, Healing, Time

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