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Greg Laswell's Profile

Brief about Greg Laswell: By info that we know Greg Laswell was born at 1974-04-26. And also Greg Laswell is American Musician.

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At an independent label, you have to figure out inventive ways to promote without spending the money.

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I grew up with the Beatles and they are still to this day my top band played in my iTunes.

Tags: Band, Played, Top

I try not to take myself too seriously.

Tags: Seriously, Try

People are doing what they can these days and looking for creative ways to sell music.

Tags: Creative, Looking, Music

I've always loved doing covers. Some artists don't like covers. Some listeners don't like covers. But I love them. It gives you a new perspective production-wise. It's easier for me, if I'm starting a new record, I like to produce a few songs that aren't mine just so it frees me up not to worry about it so much.

Tags: Few, Love, Worry

Once you really get into a song, other than just listening to it, it forces you to go 'oh, they did this. I never would have thought of doing that,' when you deconstruct it. It's something you really can't do sometimes when you're just listening to a song. You have to really get into it.

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