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Joyce Carol Oates's Profile

Brief about Joyce Carol Oates: By info that we know Joyce Carol Oates was born at 1938-06-16. And also Joyce Carol Oates is American Novelist.

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I really love to set things in places that are real to me.

Tags: Love, Places, Real

I was brought up to be sympathetic toward others.

Tags: Brought, Others, Toward

I was writing novels in high school and apprenticed myself in a way both to Faulkner and to Hemingway.

Tags: High, School, Writing

If food is poetry, is not poetry also food?

Tags: Food, Poetry

If I'm writing, I'll say something metaphorical or approximate, whereas scientists are very precise.

Tags: Precise, Scientists, Writing

It seems disingenuous to ask a writer why she, or he, is writing about a violent subject when the world and history are filled with violence.

Tags: History, Why, Writing

Like most people, I can be very easily hurt.

Tags: Easily, Hurt

Love commingled with hate is more powerful than love. Or hate.

Tags: Hate, Love, Powerful

Love is an indescribable sensation - perhaps a conviction, a sense of certitude.

Tags: Love, Perhaps, Sense

No, the thing is, we all love storytelling, and as a writer you get to tell stories all the time.

Tags: Love, Tell, Time

Obviously the imagination is fueled by emotions beyond the control of the conscious mind.

Tags: Control, Emotions, Mind

Our enemy is by tradition our savior, in preventing us from superficiality.

Tags: Enemy, Savior, Tradition

Productivity is a relative matter. And it's really insignificant: What is ultimately important is a writer's strongest books.

Tags: Books, Matter, Writer

The great menace to the life of an industry is industrial self-complacency.

Tags: Great, Industry, Life

The third man in the ring makes boxing possible.

Tags: Boxing, Makes, Possible

To be Jewish is to be specifically identified with a history. And if you're not aware of that when you're a child, the whole tradition is lost.

Tags: History, Lost, Whole

To be knocked out doesn't mean what it seems. A boxer does not have to get up.

Tags: Knocked, Mean, Seems

We are linked by blood, and blood is memory without language.

Tags: Blood, Language, Memory

Where we come from in America no longer signifies. It's where we go, and what we do when we get there, that tells us who we are.

Tags: America, Longer, Tells

A lot of widows feel that they have betrayed their spouse by continuing to live. It's deranged thinking. I know that, but that doesn't stop you feeling it.

Tags: Feeling, Stop, Thinking

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