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Maury Povich's Profile

Brief about Maury Povich: By info that we know Maury Povich was born at 1939-01-17. And also Maury Povich is American Celebrity.

Some Maury Povich's quotes. Goto "Maury Povich's quotation" section for more.

About six weeks later, she called because she had found a dress. And then she said yes.

Tags: Found, Said, She

I think there's a good kid underneath everybody. I really do.

Tags: Everybody, Good, Kid

I'm hosting a quiz show, but I never considered myself a game show host.

Tags: Game, Host, Show

It was the roughest time in my life. Connie helped me through it.

Tags: Helped, Life, Time

Television viewers, they've been around a long time. They've been watching this thing now for 50 years. I mean, they know exactly what's happening when it comes to television programming. You can't put anything over on them anymore.

Tags: Mean, Put, Time

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