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Nathan Myhrvold's Profile

Brief about Nathan Myhrvold: By info that we know Nathan Myhrvold was born at 1959-08-03. And also Nathan Myhrvold is American Businessman.

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Making money from enforcing patents is no more wrong than investing in preferred stock.

Tags: Making, Money, Wrong

Many of the things the slow food people honor were innovations within historical times. Somebody had to be the first European to eat a tomato.

Tags: Food, Honor, Times

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook all bought huge patent portfolios to further their strategic game. They're doing what I'm doing!

Tags: Apple, Facebook, Game

My career at Microsoft really was getting in the way of my cooking.

Tags: Career, Cooking, Getting

No CEO ever says, 'Damnit, we need to increase research!' I want to encourage them to do that.

Tags: Encourage, Research, Says

Nobody wants a prediction that the future will be more or less like the present, even if that is, statistically speaking, an excellent prediction.

Tags: Future, Less, Nobody

Nuclear energy is a baseload - meaning it's power that you can run any time you want, day or night - and carbon-free.

Tags: Night, Power, Time

One of the problems with posing a 'bold new plan' is that you can't just extrapolate from previous plans.

Tags: Plan, Plans, Problems

One of the ugly secrets of the renewable-energy industry is that its products make no economic sense unless they are highly subsidized.

Tags: Secrets, Sense, Ugly

Raw lobster tail, freeze dried, is amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Raw, Tail

Sooner or later the space program will need to save us by detecting and deflecting an incoming asteroid.

Tags: Later, Save, Space

Technological 'revolutions' don't really overthrow anything - they simply append a new and dynamic market to that which went before.

Tags: Market, Overthrow, Simply

The dilemma for early 21st century journalism is this: Who will pay for the news?

Tags: Early, News, Pay

The magic words 'on the Internet,' if inserted into nearly any sentence, seem to protect it from normal critical scrutiny.

Tags: Magic, Normal, Words

The physics of water is central to cooking, because food is mostly water. All steak that you cook is actually boiled on the inside.

Tags: Actually, Food, Water

The world has shown that if you provide capital and expertise to an area that is starved for capital and expertise, really good things will happen.

Tags: Area, Good, Happen

Ultimately, my Ph.D. is in mathematical physics, focusing on quantum field theory and curved space-time, and I worked with Stephen Hawking.

Tags: Physics, Theory, Worked

We have the only cookbook in the world that has partial differential equations in it.

Tags: Cookbook, Equations, Partial

We should have more invention.

Tags: Invention

When we first did 'Modernist Cuisine,' I think most people in cookbook publishing would have said, 'This is insane.'

Tags: Insane, Publishing, Said
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