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Rob Brydon's Profile

Brief about Rob Brydon: By info that we know Rob Brydon was born at 1965-05-03. And also Rob Brydon is Welsh Actor.

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I do seem to look like a lot of people.

Tags: Seem

I just look like someone with a long face. Not just A. P. McCoy himself, but some of the horses he rides.

Tags: Face, Himself, Someone

I like witty people, people who can be witty on the spot.

Tags: Spot, Witty

I still have lots of friends from my pre-success days.

Tags: Days, Friends, Lots

I think it's almost an indulgence to focus on the dark side of things. And as you get older, you want to focus on the positive.

Tags: Dark, Focus, Positive

I'm a very, very handsome man, and have had to come to terms with it... um, do I like the way I look? In the right light, and with a following wind.

Tags: Handsome, Light, Wind

I'm prone to a more depressed outlook on life.

Tags: Depressed, Life, Outlook

If you're a comedian, you are looking for material in daily life.

Tags: Daily, Life, Looking

Plus, I've always felt that, if the worst came to the worst in my career, I could always fall back to doing voices on the radio.

Tags: Career, Fall, Worst

There are some people who only know me for cornflakes ads, and that's fine. I have a charmed life.

Tags: Ads, Fine, Life

When you're doing stand-up, you can comment if something fails, get a laugh from that.

Tags: Comment, Fails, Laugh

I don't think any of my kids would have a good word to say about me. I think they deny that they even know me. At school, they pretend they are Anton du Beke's kids.

Tags: Good, Kids, School

I had a moment where I realised I could do silly voices, that lots of people I knew couldn't do silly voices, and that thus I must be able to make money doing silly voices.

Tags: Able, Moment, Money

I think, if you've got children, that's your life. Your 'showbiz' life, if you want to call it that, is a separate thing, and it isn't everything to me.

Tags: Call, Children, Life

Math was a two-part exam and I once didn't go for the second part. I knew I'd done so badly on the first it was hopeless. I re-took it about four or five times. I think I eventually got it by getting the top GCSE grade.

Tags: Done, Hopeless, Once

The thing is, when I had my first success it did coincide with the end of my first marriage, and because I went on to have a very, very unhappy two years, I don't think I equate career success with personal happiness.

Tags: Happiness, Marriage, Success

When you're a kid, I think you want to be a film star. And I'm not as enamoured with that any more. The reality of that life is a lot of travel, and a lot of being away, which is impractical because I have four children, so I don't want to be away that much, not the other side of the world away.

Tags: Children, Life, Travel

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