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Robert Pattinson's Profile

Brief about Robert Pattinson: By info that we know Robert Pattinson was born at 1986-05-13. And also Robert Pattinson is English Actor.

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If it's just screaming - and I know this sounds so ridiculous - that gets old. But sometimes when there's literal chaos, it's like being in a war zone, and that's kind of exciting. You're just running through the crowd of people chasing after you and no one knows what's going on.

Tags: After, Old, War

People don't find the personal lives of people with much, much more power than any celebrity would have - don't find their personal lives interesting.

Tags: Lives, Personal, Power

Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I'm like, 'Whoa, I'm so cool.'

Tags: Cool, Hello, Sometimes

I have been lucky, of course. Like, last year, if I went out, I'd have to fight to chat someone up. This year, I look exactly the same, which is really scruffy, and yet lots of people seem to have just changed their minds and decided I'm really sexy.

Tags: Fight, Sexy, Someone

I always get carried away when I'm kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It's embarrassing - not knowing what to say to each other.

Tags: After, Away, Moment

Having a persona people recognize, it's the thing that probably gets you paid the most - but it's also the thing that virtually every actor in the world doesn't want. 'Cause, like, no one would believe me if I wanted to play something ultra-realistic, like a gangster or something.

Tags: Actor, Gangster, Wanted

I wanted to play piano in restaurants in the south of France. I went there on holiday once and I saw this guy playing in an old tuxedo. He was all disheveled, with a whisky glass on the piano. I thought that was the coolest thing. So what's happened to me with 'Twilight' isn't really what I'd planned.

Tags: Old, Thought, Wanted

When I was flying to Rome, we flew over London; I felt like bursting into tears. It's part of me, so I can't leave London behind for good.

Tags: Felt, Good, Leave

This thing with everyone knowing you, it's weird, because people have this one-sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know. I don't really know myself that well.

Tags: Everyone, Knowing, Someone

I'm not one of these guys who's constantly in a relationship, not at all.

Tags: Constantly, Guys

My little cousin tells me I look like Magneto so I guess that's who I should probably play.

Tags: Cousin, Guess, Tells

I have very, very low expenditures, but still I manage to spend it all. I guess Hot Pockets are more expensive than I thought.

Tags: Hot, Spend, Thought

I really like Nicki Minaj. I think she's great.

Tags: Great, She

I'm, like, a compulsive eater. I'm going to be so fat when I'm older, it's ridiculous.

Tags: Fat, Older, Ridiculous

In America there is a channel called TruTV which is just reruns of 'Cops' and 'World's Dumbest Criminals'. I could watch that the entire day.

Tags: America, Criminals, Watch

My dad says he likes to bask in my glow.

Tags: Dad, Likes, Says

I haven't really decided to be an actor yet! I started doing plays when I was about 15 or 16. I only did it because my dad saw a bunch of pretty girls in a restaurant and he asked them where they came from and they said drama group. He said, 'Son, that is where you need to go.'

Tags: Dad, Pretty, Son

I did this movie about Salvador Dali a few years ago and had hair extensions and a little bob. That was incredibly bizarre.

Tags: Few, Hair, Movie

I never really considered myself attractive. I was always kind of gangly in school.

Tags: Attractive, Considered, School

I'm afraid of buying a house or anything, 'cause if there's one paparazzi outside for one day, then they'll never leave.

Tags: Afraid, House, Leave
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