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Sean Scully's Profile

Brief about Sean Scully: By info that we know Sean Scully was born at 1945-06-30. And also Sean Scully is American Artist.

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I was always artistic - right from childhood - but my love of painting came a bit later. It followed my love of music.

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When I got into art school, I thought it was paradise. I wanted to be an artist so much that I was really driven and nothing could stop me.

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I look at my paintings for a very long time before letting them out of my studio. I like to get on the treadmill and look around at all of my paintings while I exercise. I try to stare them down to make them reveal their weaknesses. If they reveal weaknesses, they get repainted.

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I work on stretched linen canvas, sized so that the surface already has a sense of tension when I begin. It is a very rich and reactive surface. I begin by drawing on the canvas with a kind of loose line, very simply and freely. I paint very thinly, which allows me to change the drawing if I want to.

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