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Brief about Tom Lantos: By info that we know Tom Lantos was born at 1928-02-01. And also Tom Lantos is American Diplomat.

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40 percent of North Korean children suffer from stunted growth. 20 percent are underweight.

Tags: Children, Growth, Percent

A stable Iraq at peace with its neighbors will remain elusive until we improve both the security and the economic environment in Iraq.

Tags: Both, Peace, Until

The leader of Iran made one of the most repugnant remarks the international community has heard since Adolf Hitler.

Tags: Community, Leader, Since

The Lord gave us Ten Commandments, but the bill before the House today gives us 39.

Tags: House, Lord, Today

The patience of the American public with dilatory diplomatic delays will be very limited.

Tags: American, Patience, Public

We are optimistic, but we are optimistic in a cautious fashion.

Tags: Cautious, Fashion, Optimistic

Despite its enormous power and wealth, China's ruling elite remains absolutely petrified that the free flow of information will undermine its political legitimacy, particularly among China's younger generation.

Tags: Free, Political, Power

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo should be developing new technologies to bypass government sensors and barriers to the Internet; but instead, they agreed to guard the gates themselves.

Tags: Government, Internet, Themselves

Hezbollah's contempt for human suffering is total, as it showed once again this morning when its rockets murdered two Israeli Arab children in Nazareth.

Tags: Children, Human, Morning

How will decent people in the region ever believe in peace if Arab terrorists interpret every gesture of peace as a display of weakness and then act accordingly?

Tags: Act, Peace, Weakness

Insurgents have capitalized on popular resentment and anger towards the United States and the Iraqi government to build their own political, financial and military support, and the faith of Iraqi citizens in their new government has been severely undermined.

Tags: Anger, Faith, Government

Let me start with Yahoo. As we meet today, a Chinese citizen who had the courage to speak his mind on the Internet is in prison because Yahoo chose to share his name and address with the Chinese Government.

Tags: Courage, Government, Today

On July 18, we will mark the 12th anniversary of the senseless loss of 85 lives in the bombing of the Jewish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tags: Jewish, Lives, Loss

Our neighbor Canada has 2,200 troops serving in Afghanistan. Canada has also assumed responsibility for the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar, which was originally established by our own military.

Tags: Military, Neighbor, Team

Our resolution urges all Latin American and Caribbean countries to designate al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terrorist organizations.

Tags: American, Islamic, Resolution

So rather than face the bitter truth, China has placed severe restrictions on the Internet and enlisted America's high-tech companies as their Internet police.

Tags: America, Rather, Truth

The Chinese leadership hoped that the world would soon forget the Tiananmen Square massacre. Our job in Congress is to ensure that we never forget those who lost their lives in Tiananmen Square that day or the pro-democracy cause for which they fought.

Tags: Forget, Job, Leadership
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