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Tony Orlando's Profile

Brief about Tony Orlando: By info that we know Tony Orlando was born at 1944-04-04. And also Tony Orlando is American Musician.

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You don't write a book to show off.

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I went to parochial grammar school, and I give thanks to the Catholic training because of course, they brought me to the heart of Jesus.

Tags: Give, Heart, School

Progressive rock was happening.

Tags: Happening, Rock

The more knowledge you've got, the more understanding you have, the better you are able to implement and pass it on to others.

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I began to pay attention to Scripture and meet people who walked the walk, and little by little, I guess you could call me a born again Christian. 1978 is when I found my walk with the Lord.

Tags: Again, Attention, Christian

It was the Lord's love and my recognition of His presence in my life that made me realize how important it was to give Him the glory and be there for Him.

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