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Vivienne Westwood's Profile

Brief about Vivienne Westwood: By info that we know Vivienne Westwood was born at 1941-04-08. And also Vivienne Westwood is English Designer.

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What I remember as a child is that other kids didn't care about suffering. I always did.

Tags: Care, Remember, Suffering

The age in which we live, this non-stop distraction, is making it more impossible for the young generation to ever have the curiosity or discipline... because you need to be alone to find out anything.

Tags: Age, Alone, Young

We wanted to step off our island and add the color of the third world. We got gold cigarette paper and stuck it around our teeth. We really did look like pirates and dressed to look the part.

Tags: Off, Step, Wanted

All that self-expression has just created a generation of morons, hooked on an endless appetite for rubbish.

Tags: Endless, Generation, Morons

Every time I have to look up a word in the dictionary, I'm delighted.

Tags: Dictionary, Time, Word

However, because Britain is young and exciting, I did show my second line here once or twice.

Tags: Here, Show, Young

I always tried to do things by example, even though I was not a very good mother regarding routines and family life.

Tags: Family, Good, Life

I am in my own head most of the time.

Tags: Head, Time

I didn't do anything at the Queen, whom I admire.

Tags: Admire, Queen, Whom

I didn't want to be a fashion designer, and for a good half of my career I didn't like it. I always wanted to do other things.

Tags: Career, Fashion, Good

I disagree with everything I used to say.

Tags: Disagree, Used

I don't feel comfortable defending my clothes. But if you've got the money to afford them, then buy something from me. Just don't buy too much.

Tags: Afford, Clothes, Money

I don't follow politics much.

Tags: Follow, Politics

I don't have faith in young people any more. I don't waste time trying to communicate with them.

Tags: Faith, Time, Trying

I don't have space to enter into the examples or the history of this, so I'm left with having to make the bold statement that culture is extinct.

Tags: Culture, History, Left

I don't watch television and I rarely go to the cinema, but I recently watched 'The King's Speech' on a flight. It was so beautiful and so simple.

Tags: Beautiful, Simple, Speech

I have considered voting Conservative because I am so against the Labour party.

Tags: Against, Party, Voting

I love designing at the moment, I'm so happy with my work.

Tags: Happy, Love, Work

I never look at fashion magazines. I find them incredibly boring.

Tags: Boring, Fashion, Incredibly

I tend not to like an awful lot of what is going out under my name now because it is just all product. Who needs it?

Tags: Awful, Name, Needs