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Chris Colfer's Quotes

Chris Colfer profile photo

Born: 1990-05-27
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Chris Colfer

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It doesn't matter how old I get, I always act like an excited five year-old kid with severe ADD and a waddle at Disneyland.

Tags: Act, Matter, Old

I'm horrible at auditions anyway. Maybe that's why I never got anything.

Tags: Anyway, Maybe, Why

My life is an awkward visit from the kids table.

Tags: Awkward, Kids, Life

Cast parties are a lot of fun!

Tags: Cast, Fun, Parties

I can act... I do a little writing as well. And I'm good at typing. I'm a creative typist, actually.

Tags: Creative, Good, Writing

I can sing and dance. I can smile - a lot.

Tags: Dance, Sing, Smile

I could never rap, personally. I can't even wrap presents.

Tags: Presents, Rap, Wrap

I do better singing female songs because my voice is so high-pitched.

Tags: Singing, Songs, Voice

I don't personally feel a responsibility to be a role model, but as the actor, I do.

Tags: Actor, Model, Role

I grew up doing musical theater.

Tags: Musical, Theater

I kind of did this thing in high school, a spoof of 'Sweeney Todd' called 'Shirley Todd,' and I had a great time doing that.

Tags: Great, School, Time

I think always staying focused and not taking things too seriously, but taking the important things seriously.

Tags: Focused, Seriously, Taking

I was a lone duck in a swan-filled pond who criticized everyone.

Tags: Criticized, Duck, Everyone

I was made fun of a lot in high school because of the way I sound and the way I was.

Tags: Fun, High, School

I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall in my GaGa shoes one night on tour and I'm hoping it becomes a Youtube sensation.

Tags: Night, Pretty, Sure

I'm really not good blackmail material.

Tags: Good, Material

Not taking yourself too seriously, that's the important thing.

Tags: Seriously, Taking, Yourself

I couldn't do country, with all due respect to all country music artists. My parents dressed me up with a cowboy hat and we'd go to the rodeo when I was younger and it traumatized me for life.

Tags: Life, Music, Respect

I grew up in a conservative small town, and the gay characters I saw on TV and in movies when I was growing up were all flamboyant and obnoxious and sometimes kind of annoying.

Tags: Gay, Movies, Small

I wasn't going to get such a nice car - I was going to get a cute little hybrid or something, keep the trees happy - but then my grandfather died, and it was all: retail therapy!

Tags: Car, Happy, Nice

I wish I could walk into a room and feel superior and have my nose up at everybody, but I can't, because I know I'm just a huge nerd, and that wouldn't work for me.

Tags: Everybody, Wish, Work

Oh, I have this feud going with the L.A. Unified School District, because I keep getting these phone calls saying my daughter keeps missing classes, I mean, at all hours of the night, I had like, two calls this morning and I keep calling saying I haven't got a daughter!

Tags: Morning, Saying, School

The gay people I knew in real life were soft spoken and didn't want to call attention to themselves because they were terrified of exposing themselves, of people finding out that they're gay.

Tags: Gay, Life, Real
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