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Craig Roberts's Quotes

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Born: 1991-01-21
Profession: Actor
Nation: Welsh
Biography of Craig Roberts

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I never wanted to be an actor until about three years ago when I realised it was what I liked doing.

Tags: Three, Until, Wanted

I now hate actors that blink too much on screen. When people blink, I turn the movie off. So I don't blink at all.

Tags: Hate, Movie, Off

I want to do comedy films, serious films - I admire the actors who fly under the radar but get loads done, pop up in a lot of good films.

Tags: Done, Good, Serious

I would probably go so far as to say that I couldn't act before I met Richard Ayoade.

Tags: Act, Far, Met

I'd done kids' TV in the U.K., but not great kids' TV. So yes, 'Submarine' was the first film and the first good thing that I have done.

Tags: Done, Good, Great

I'm a pretty big Ricky Gervais fan.

Tags: Big, Fan, Pretty

You have to promote yourself; you have to have this smile on your face all the time and be this nice guy - which I am!

Tags: Nice, Smile, Time

I have, like, two best friends, one that I grew up with who's not an actor, and one that is an actor that lives near me in Wales, and they're my friends. I don't have any other friends, really, in the industry. I have acquaintances and people that I will go out for coffee with.

Tags: Best, Coffee, Friends

I'd love to pop back into 'Being Human' as Adam. I love the character so much. I've never really played a character like that. I'm always playing the geek, so to play a kid who is very energetic when he wants to be, and who is always trying to get the girls, was really cool.

Tags: Character, Cool, Love

I'm getting a lot of stick because my character in 'Young Dracula' wanted to be vampire, so now that I am a vampire, everyone's like, 'You finally did it!' But it's cool and I loved doing 'Young Dracula.' That show's finished and I don't know why it ended, so it was brilliant to go into 'Being Human,' which is like the adult version of it.

Tags: Character, Cool, Human

I've done four other films since 'Submarine,' so that's quite cool. It's just good to have people respect your work; I've never had that before. Yeah, my life has changed crazy. I'm a kid from a small town in south Wales, I play my Xbox usually and all that sort of stuff, and it's a whole new world.

Tags: Good, Life, Work

The 'Being Human' people were really cool and let me improvise. They had such a good working atmosphere. It was a cool set-up and a really good environment to be in.

Tags: Cool, Good, Human
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