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Mark Roberts's Quotes

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Born: 1921-06-09
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Mark Roberts

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In England, there are so many TV commercials with nudity in them, and there are so many TV programs that show nudity on a regular basis. It's becoming more of a norm.

Tags: Becoming, Show, Tv

Nudity, in the right way, can enhance a film or a TV program or a TV commercial. If it's done tastefully it can make it more of an interesting product.

Tags: Done, Film, Tv

One of my favorites is 'The Sound of Music'. When Julie Andrews runs through the hills singing her head off, I always wish that a gust of wind would blow her skirt up.

Tags: Her, Music, Wish

I'm a free spirit; more people should become free spirits.

Tags: Become, Free, Spirit

I always thought, because America is supposed to be the land of the free, nudity would be part of the norm over there, but it isn't. It's surprising.

Tags: America, Free, Thought

When I'm in bars or clubs, it gets to the point where I feel I'm obliged to streak. It's not a problem.

Tags: Clubs, Point, Problem

I got asked by a freelance journalist to jump in front of Princess Diana's funeral. How pathetic is that? That would have been the stupidest thing on the planet.

Tags: Asked, Front, Pathetic

Everything seems to have been turned upside-down, but in a good way.

Tags: Good, Seems, Turned

God knows when I'm going to retire. I think I'm going to be bored.

Tags: Bored, God, Knows

Hollywood have been in touch; they want to make a movie of my life.

Tags: Life, Movie, Touch

I can read the Tarot cards and believe in ghosts.

Tags: Cards, Ghosts, Read

I don't want to do anything in bad taste.

Tags: Bad, Taste

I just love having a buzz all the time, regardless of the consequences.

Tags: Love, Regardless, Time

I really want to do the Olympics. Obviously, I can't let things out of the bag, so to speak.

Tags: Bag, Olympics, Speak

I wanted to get superimposed on a shuttle launch.

Tags: Launch, Shuttle, Wanted

I was asked to model but I never took up the offer.

Tags: Asked, Model, Took

It takes time to love someone properly, and in this business, you get very wary of people.

Tags: Business, Love, Time

It's always been performance art, but now it's on a different level.

Tags: Art, Level

Neil Armstrong, when he was out there landing on the moon, I was there first.

Tags: Armstrong, Landing, Moon

The Full Monty, ah, it's superb. The Full Monty showed how life really is in certain cities of England.

Tags: England, Full, Life

The third biggest comic people in America want to make a comic book out of me. It's unbelievable.

Tags: America, Biggest, Book

Violence is for mugs. War is for mugs.

Tags: Violence, War

We'll do a crazy video of a great song that people can actually dance to.

Tags: Crazy, Dance, Great

You have to really think about things before you do them.

Tags: Laugh, Law, Political

I go from pub to pub, or jumping on buses or stopping cars. I don't need a TV audience. Every time I go naked, all of a sudden TV cameras pop up around me.

Tags: Audience, Cars, Time

I was in Liverpool city center and I thought I broke one of my toes, just by jumping on buses. I put my arm in the door on the outside, and the bus just drives away with me naked.

Tags: Away, Put, Thought
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I'm making the statement that we should all live life and have a laugh. Nakedness is a thing where people take notice. If you do it in the right way, people laugh.

Tags: Laugh, Life, Making
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