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Delta Burke's Quotes

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Born: 1956-07-30
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Delta Burke

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At the end. First start off and do your youth thing In Hollywood and then go to New York later. But it wound up being later, later than I thought it was going to be.

Tags: End, Start, Thought

Blanche talks about aging, and why should she be considered poor, because physical beauty is transitory and fading and she has such richness of the soul. I think that speech is so beautiful, and so telling and so true.

Tags: Beautiful, Beauty, True

For me, it's like biking around the neighborhood, the walks and stuff, because I have never enjoyed the gym. Or I'll do, since I used to dance a lot, all the old dance exercises.

Tags: Dance, Old, Used

I got into my very theatrical phase. I wore only black: a big black hat and wild hair and wild black clothes, and I carried a sword stick. I went there still looking like Miss Florida, and I came back looking very different.

Tags: Big, Black, Hair

I loved getting to do Promised Land with him. I mean, he's really there for you. We did one very emotional scene in the church. He's just a wonderful acting partner. You feel very safe with him.

Tags: Emotional, Him, Mean

I put the weight on after we were together. I put on about 20 pounds when we got married, and people were flipping their lids. And then I put on more after that, and I've gone up and down since then.

Tags: After, Put, Together

I rode fire trucks, slid down fire poles, wore a lot of red, and made a lot of appearances. I've always had a special place in my heart for fire fighters.

Tags: Fire, Heart, Special

I want to find a way to reach young women emotionally and also to start providing clothing for them so that they can wear the same things their thin friends can wear. I really want to do evening wear and prom dresses for these girls.

Tags: Evening, Friends, Women

I was supposed to go to drama school and then go to New York and do theatre. But I grew up on all those fabulous movies and had read all the bold Hollywood books, and I thought I just had to take a look.

Tags: Movies, School, Thought

If you're interested or like it, but could be just as happy living in a regular town, having a regular job, maybe doing little theatre, you're better off and you'll be a happier person. This is too gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.

Tags: Happy, Job, Living

In my teens or twenties I wanted to do Blanche. Now I'm over that. Those roles are not attracting me now. Which is odd, because that's what most every actress would want to go do.

Tags: Actress, Odd, Wanted

It's tourists in New York. Everything is geared towards that. It's so hard on Broadway now for them to get people in there. They have to compete with so many other entertainments, so they have to bring a star in which puts people there out of work.

Tags: Hard, Star, Work

Then a year would go by and I'd realize I love the acting too much and it is my identity and I don't know how to be anything but an actress. It's who and what I am, so I always come back.

Tags: Acting, Love, Year

If you want to say it with flowers, a single rose says: 'I'm cheap!'

Tags: Flowers, Rose, Single

And I have to work so hard at talking positively to myself. If I don't, it's just real hard to get through the day, and I'll get really down, and just want to cry. My whole body language changes. I get more slumped over.

Tags: Positive, Real, Work

I get in my golf cart with my dogs, I have five dogs.

Tags: Dogs, Five, Golf

I'll do humor about myself, I'll poke fun and everything, but that's me and I can do it to me. I think it's cruel to do it to somebody else.

Tags: Else, Fun, Humor

I think so much depends on how you are feeling mentally and emotionally. I try to keep my head on tight, and try to feel good, and just go out there and not be afraid.

Tags: Feeling, Good, Try

All the nice things about Suzanne are me. All the things that aren't nice, that was just the writing.

Tags: Nice, Writing

And then, I do love my shopping, but actually, lounging is the big thing.

Tags: Actually, Big, Love
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And we live in a French Quarter a lot of the time, in New Orleans. And the camaraderie of everybody there. Everybody takes care of each other.

Tags: Care, Everybody, Time

But I thought, I've just got to check out Hollywood, so I sent out pictures and resumes.

Tags: Hollywood, Pictures, Thought

Eve wasn't a size 6 and neither am I.

Tags: Eve, Neither, Size

Film people are coming into TV, because they can't get any work.

Tags: Coming, Film, Work

For a while I was living in New Orleans for like 4, 5 years. I had just come back to town.

Tags: Living, Town, While

I like it when I strut.

Tags: Strut

I love comedy, so you want to make them happy, make them laugh.

Tags: Happy, Laugh, Love

I loved living in London, and I didn't want to leave.

Tags: Leave, Living, Loved

I wanted it so badly that there was no choice. It's like something in your blood that you have to do.

Tags: Blood, Choice, Wanted

I wanted to be an actress, and I wanted to be a model.

Tags: Actress, Model, Wanted

I was surprised to find that I missed doing the musical.

Tags: Missed, Musical, Surprised

I went through all my twenties thinking that I wasn't good enough.

Tags: Enough, Good, Thinking

I wish I could blame it on the choreography, but it's not a musical. I just had a clumsy moment.

Tags: Blame, Moment, Wish

One time we did have 300 acres in watermelons. That was fun.

Tags: Acres, Fun, Time

You're supposed to remember, and still forgive.

Tags: Forgive, Remember, Supposed

A lot of women say that they want to get to feeling about themselves the way I feel, because when I'm on a roll, I'm hot, I'm really good. I try to tell them, I don't have a fix.

Tags: Feeling, Good, Women

Actually, I think it's interesting that when I put the weight on, I was already with him. I don't know, maybe I felt safe. And he likes me like this. He likes me whatever size I am.

Tags: Him, Put, Whatever

And sometimes, when you feel low on yourself, that's just when you have to go out there and be photographed or do a scene where you're hot stuff. You're always working on it.

Tags: Sometimes, Working, Yourself