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Desecration Quotes

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My parents taught me to believe that through the creative act, we're able to transcend and give a response to desecration.

Tags: Creative, Give, Parents  ✍ Author: Atom Egoyan

We do not consecrate the flag by punishing its desecration, for in doing so, we dilute the freedom this cherished emblem represents.

Tags: Cherished, Flag, Freedom  ✍ Author: William J. Brennan

Laws protecting the United States flag do not cut away at the freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment... Congress made this position clear upon passage of the Flag Protection Act of 1989, which prohibited desecration of the flag.

Tags: Act, Away, Freedom  ✍ Author: Larry Craig

Flag desecration is not a constitutional issue for the courts. It is a political one that belongs to the people.

Tags: Flag, Issue, Political  ✍ Author: Larry Craig

Worrying that banning flag desecration would inhibit free speech reveals a misunderstanding of the flag's fundamental nature.

Tags: Free, Nature, Speech  ✍ Author: Adrian Cronauer

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Desecration quote #2
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