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Emily Watson's Quotes

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Born: 1967-01-14
Profession: Actress
Nation: English
Biography of Emily Watson

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Now, honestly, every movie set that I go on, I walk onto set with the confidence that there is nothing that they can throw at me that's gonna surprise me.

Tags: Confidence, Movie, Walk

The film Punch - Drunk Love is how you see the world when you're in love. You don't see somebody's psychological baggage necessarily, you see the person walking out of the light.

Tags: Drunk, Light, Love

When I did get home this last time, we had all these plans to go out. And then we hardly stepped outside because the time together seemed too precious.

Tags: Home, Time, Together

When the time came to make a decision about what do in life, I found myself thinking that acting was the thing I loved to do, so I applied to drama school. And then, I didn't get in - twice.

Tags: Life, School, Time

I think so, Silence of the Lambs was a great, suspenseful thriller and I would expect Red Dragon to be similar. And I think it's very character driven.

Tags: Character, Great, Silence

I grew up without a television. It meant that I read lots of books and entertained myself.

Tags: Books, Read, Television

And it is very sexy as well: somebody says I'm taking you on a surprise date, you don't know where you are going and you can't see and then you put your hand out and there is a tiger. Amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Put, Sexy

Believing in God is a very intense inner struggle of mine. It's something I worry about a lot, but which I don't have the answer to.

Tags: God, Struggle, Worry

I always think I am going to do my best.

Tags: Best

I do think you feel a little bit like you are preying on people's lives.

Tags: Bit, Lives

I don't think I will be less good because there's less pressure on me.

Tags: Good, Less, Pressure

I sometimes feel like it's difficult for people to relate to me, until they spend, like, a day with me, and until they walk around with me in public.

Tags: Difficult, Sometimes, Until

I was a normal, rather dutiful child. I didn't even rebel as a teenager.

Tags: Child, Normal, Rather

I was a pretentious child. I grew up without a television. I read a lot of books and I loved Shakespeare. Still do.

Tags: Child, Loved, Read

I've always been creative, I think.

Tags: Creative

In my early career I was like a goldfish. Rejection didn't affect me; I'd just forget how bad it was and keep going back for more.

Tags: Bad, Career, Forget

Please, please, please - I would love to do some comedy. Once you have a reputation for one thing - in my case, crying and dying - you are typecast.

Tags: Comedy, Love, Once

Yeah, a lot of people think I'll be a tortured nutcase when they meet me.

Tags: Meet, Tortured, Yeah

You have to play the logic of a character.

Tags: Character, Logic

As actors, we went where we wanted to, and the camera followed us: it was like having another person in the room. There was no formal structure to the process. It was very liberating.

Tags: Another, Process, Wanted

During Breaking The Waves, I was on my own in a hotel room. I think I would have been impossible to live with. When you go home, you have to pretend to be the person you are at home.

Tags: Home, Impossible, Room

I am married to the most amazing, generous and beautiful human being and it has been hard on him because from the outside if you look at it it's just all about me.

Tags: Amazing, Beautiful, Human

I don't know what makes a marriage work. My husband and I don't have it right at all; it's very tough on him. From the outside it looks like it's all about me - I have a glorious career and he doesn't.

Tags: Husband, Marriage, Work
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I have to be a lot more calculating because I'm a very private person. I actually really struggle with the attention; I'm generally a pretty shy kind of a person. So it's tough figuring out how to manage it. But there are ways of managing it, and you just have to be smart.

Tags: Pretty, Smart, Struggle

I mean, I have done scenes with animals, with owls, with bats, with cats, with special effects, with thespians, in the freezing cold, in the pouring rain, boiling hot; I've done press with every syndication, every country; I've done interviews with people dressed up as cows - there's honestly nothing that's gonna intimidate me!

Tags: Done, Mean, Rain

It's a whole different kind of anxiety. But the great thing about doing a theatre job is that once the ball starts rolling you just have to go with it, it's inexorable.

Tags: Great, Job, Whole

It's an incredible privilege for an actor to look into the camera. It's like looking right into the heart of the film, and you can't take that lightly.

Tags: Film, Heart, Looking

My character Lena is somebody who responds to people in a very simple way. I didn't have to take myself off to a darkened room to concentrate, I just had to try and be open. It's an interesting, subtle relationship.

Tags: Character, Simple, Try

My husband. He keeps me grounded. If I were in the world on my own, it would all be much more seductive. But I'm in a relationship that has nothing to do with the film world.

Tags: Film, Husband, Seductive