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Indie Film Quotes

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Television in the last few years has been where all the great writers are going. TV now is what indie film used to be.

Tags: Great, Last, Used  ✍ Author: Jeff Daniels

All the jobs I've gotten in the last two years are because directors have seen the work I've done - indie films, plays, short student films, TV - since I moved to the states in 1996. I mean, I have an entire career in Canada that nobody has seen.

Tags: Career, Mean, Work  ✍ Author: Sandra Oh

You gain and lose different things in different mediums or different sectors of different mediums. There are liberties you get on tiny indie films in terms of not having to be designed toward a marketing demographic.

Tags: Films, Lose, Marketing  ✍ Author: Anna Paquin

The gritty indie films are a lot rarer than the films that aspire to fill multiplexes.

Tags: Aspire, Fill, Films  ✍ Author: David Tennant

I'd like to do interesting indie films mixed with big, high-paying commercial blockbusters. 'One for you, one for me,' is what they say.

Tags: Big, Commercial, Films  ✍ Author: Rhys Wakefield

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Indie Film quote #2
Indie Film quote #2
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