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J. R. Martinez's Quotes

J. R. Martinez profile photo

Born: 1983-06-14
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of J. R. Martinez

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I don't have a weapon in my hand, and I don't have a uniform on my body, but my uniform now is my scars and weapon is my words, so I'm still serving.

Tags: Body, Hand, Words

Dancing is a beautiful thing.

Tags: Beautiful, Dancing

I believe that we all have something to share with someone else that can better someone else's life.

Tags: Else, Life, Someone

I have good stamina and good endurance.

Tags: Endurance, Good, Stamina

I love helping out good people who are doing good things.

Tags: Good, Helping, Love

I think I'm a lot funnier and goofier than people were able to see on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Tags: Able, Dancing, Stars

I think in life, if you continue to challenge yourself, you can pride yourself in what you continuously accomplish.

Tags: Challenge, Life, Yourself

I want to continue to be me and share with people.

Tags: Continue, Share

I want to, at the end of the day, be able to say, 'I am a runner.'

Tags: Able, End, Runner

I'm an emotional guy.

Tags: Emotional, Guy

If you're going to play high school football, you do it in Texas or Florida or Georgia for the simple fact it's such a big deal.

Tags: Football, School, Simple

In this life, all you need is for someone to believe in you.

Tags: Life, Someone

My mother has done so much for me in my life and has continuously been there and been my rock.

Tags: Life, Mother, Rock

My mother is my hero.

Tags: Hero, Mother

Not every kid plays football, basketball. Running can be a source to vent and let things out.

Tags: Basketball, Football, Kid

Running for me is a sport. It's not a joke. It's serious.

Tags: Joke, Running, Serious

There are a lot of people who can be classified as heroes and do great things and inspire me.

Tags: Great, Heroes, Inspire

When the body doesn't want to go on, the mind continues to fight.

Tags: Body, Fight, Mind

I'm going to write a book, continue acting, continue motivational speaking and just share with people who I am and what I've learned in my second chance of life and pass it on to people in their first chance of life.

Tags: Book, Learned, Life

I've continually reminded myself that I never want to change. I could be on the cover of a magazine today, but next week someone else is going to be on that cover. You always have to remain the same person because when those opportunities end, guess what you have? You have you. And if you change from being you, you have nothing anymore.

Tags: Change, End, Today

I've learned in my life that it's important to be able to step outside your comfort zone and be challenged with something you're not familiar or accustomed to. That challenge will allow you to see what you can do.

Tags: Challenge, Learned, Life

It's hard for people sometimes to relate to me. They weren't in the military, they weren't injured overseas in Iraq, they weren't burned, they didn't go through 33 surgeries, or two and a half years in the hospital.

Tags: Hard, Military, Sometimes

My father left... but I tell my mom - and I told my mom this when I was a kid - I said, 'You know what, Mom? Good thing he left because you're a strong woman.'

Tags: Good, Mom, Strong

Obviously, I don't like to use my new celebrity status as a way to get first class service at a restaurant. For me, it's just more special to use it for good.

Tags: Good, Service, Special

The thing is, a lot of our vets come home and they feel displaced, and they don't feel like their voice matters, so for me to be a spokesman and have that honor to educate America about who we are and what we are, it's like I'm doing my job.

Tags: America, Home, Job
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