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Jamie Campbell Bower's Quotes

Jamie Campbell Bower profile photo

Born: 1988-11-22
Profession: Actor
Nation: English
Biography of Jamie Campbell Bower

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Being on a movie set is wonderful experience, but it's a bubble - it isn't real life.

Tags: Experience, Life, Real

For me, it's interesting because I never thought of myself as an action man, but apparently I can do it, so that's good to know.

Tags: Action, Good, Thought

Growing up in England, I was constantly surrounded by the Arthurian legend.

Tags: England, Growing, Legend

'Hamlet' is obviously a role a lot of actors want to portray or be involved with in some way and that I'd like to be involved in.

Tags: Hamlet, Involved, Role

I always had the idea that I wanted to perform. I love being the center of attention - and I always love talking about myself.

Tags: Idea, Love, Wanted

I do love mythology.

Tags: Love, Mythology

I don't mind if people are saying nasty things about me behind my back - I just don't want to know about them.

Tags: Behind, Mind, Saying

I tend to thrive on being misquoted. It's the only way I sound good.

Tags: Good, Sound, Thrive

I think I'm always drawn to a good story.

Tags: Drawn, Good, Story

I think I'm nervous to sign on to any job.

Tags: Job, Nervous, Sign

I want to do more movies. I feel like it's a totally different skill set than there is to theater. It's much more internal.

Tags: Movies, Skill, Theater

I was obsessed with girls when I was 13 years old; I wasn't really into books.

Tags: Books, Obsessed, Old

I write music. I'm in a band.

Tags: Band, Music, Write

I'm a horrible romantic!

Tags: Horrible, Romantic

I'm an extrovert, I like to gesticulate and talk loud and stuff, and the theater is easy for me.

Tags: Easy, Stuff, Talk

I'm hardly the sexiest man in the world. I'm a bit of a geek.

Tags: Bit, Geek, Sexiest

I'm nervous when taking part in any movie.

Tags: Movie, Nervous, Taking

My essentials are skinny jeans, loose-fitting tees, big jumpers, and the leather jacket. Everything is black or blue - I don't own anything colorful.

Tags: Big, Black, Blue

People don't get it; they think I'm rich. I'm not! I have no money.

Tags: Money, Rich

There's nothing worse than finishing your last take on a movie and thinking, 'God! I finally nailed who this guy was!'

Tags: God, Last, Thinking

Being able to do lead roles in pictures or onstage or whatever it is that you're doing in acting is obviously what you strive for because you want to better yourself as an actor and you want to better yourself as a person as well. But that does come with a lot of responsibility and a great deal of weight.

Tags: Acting, Great, Yourself

I suppose with any character that you play you always bring your personal experience to it. You always bring people that you know or that you've met and sort of - this is what I do, I mean, I don't know what anyone else does - but people that you know or that you've met that have affected you in certain ways, you bring into it.

Tags: Character, Experience, Mean

Particularly for English people, Shakespeare is always at the forefront of both drama and the English language. He's always been there. I can't remember starting school and not learning about him.

Tags: Him, Learning, School

You know, Johnny Depp has always been a massive inspiration for me and he's somebody who has produced an incredible amount of work, and every single piece that he does is amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Single, Work
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