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Jessie J's Quotes

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Born: 1988-03-27
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Jessie J

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And that's the kind of thing people think, you know, that if you sign up to be a singer-songwriter you know how to deal with people setting up hate websites, or people being obsessed with you and crying when you touch them, but you don't, and you just have to deal with.

Tags: Deal, Hate, Touch

I am a dork in disguise; I love doing stupid stuff.

Tags: Love, Stuff, Stupid

When I was 10 or 11 people started saying there was something special about my voice. But when I was 15 or 16 is when I really thought my hobby could become my career.

Tags: Career, Saying, Thought

And I definitely do that very British thing of, take things with a pinch of salt, stiff upper lip, you know what I mean?

Tags: British, Definitely, Mean

But I love singing live. Nothing beats the feeling of going out on stage and going, 'I can really sing.'

Tags: Feeling, Love, Singing

I also surround myself with people who make me laugh. If I'm not laughing, it upsets my day.

Tags: Laugh, Laughing, Surround

I always wanted to be an artist; being a songwriter for myself was always a must but being a songwriter for others has been a bonus.

Tags: Artist, Others, Wanted

I do my own make-up a lot of the time, and I'm very involved in what I wear.

Tags: Involved, Time, Wear

I love cleaning, weird but true. It really relaxes me.

Tags: Love, True, Weird

I might put a nicer pair of heels on and a cooler outfit, but I'm still that naughty girl who likes a slice of cheesecake on my day off.

Tags: Girl, Off, Put

I see my music as Emotional Therapeutic Pop music that bleeds into loads of different genres.

Tags: Emotional, Music, Pop

I was obsessed with the Spice Girls! I always wanted to be Sporty. Or Posh, but I wasn't pretty enough.

Tags: Enough, Pretty, Wanted

I'm not afraid to say I'm very comfortable with who I am and I love who I love.

Tags: Afraid, Love

I'm someone who'd never base how happy I am on how much money I have, or how good a restaurant is because of how posh it is.

Tags: Good, Happy, Money
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