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Jim Broadbent's Quotes

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Born: 1949-05-24
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Jim Broadbent

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A make-up artist I know polished her Oscar and it lost its lustre. But if you don't polish it, it doesn't tarnish.

Tags: Artist, Her, Lost

I do always like to do things I haven't done before, so I'm always looking out for things in a different genre, or a different sort of character.

Tags: Character, Done, Looking

I haven't got a writer's discipline.

Tags: Discipline, Writer

I love a really good storyline.

Tags: Good, Love, Storyline

I never was a great Thatcher fan, and it wasn't a sad day in my life when she resigned.

Tags: Great, Life, Sad

I see myself as a small 'l' liberal, but not coalition liberal, necessarily.

Tags: Coalition, Liberal, Small

I think we all have a selfish gene which rises to the top, sometimes. But then we're also all capable of a sudden magnanimity.

Tags: Selfish, Sometimes, Top

I'm not that comfortable with actors receiving honours, partly because I think they ought to go to those who really help others.

Tags: Help, Others, Receiving

If you're playing any real person, live or dead, you certainly have a responsibility to produce that reputation in some way.

Tags: Dead, Playing, Real

In fact I'd like to go back and live in Shakespeare's London.

Tags: Fact, London

In Hollywood films everything is tidied up at the end with clean lines and clean character definitions. It's sort of unsatisfying.

Tags: Character, End, Films

It's fatal to talk about acting. It sounds faintly ridiculous if you start analysing it.

Tags: Acting, Start, Talk

It's funny how a film about a murderous old English toff can help you.

Tags: Funny, Help, Old

Oh, I think I've been entirely selfish with my career. I've done what I wanted to do, and not put myself out for anyone else particularly.

Tags: Career, Done, Selfish

Other people have a much better idea of what I might do than I.

Tags: Idea, Might

People smile at me as if they know me. I just smile back. They probably might know me.

Tags: Might, Smile

The films I enjoy seeing are those that reveal lives I was unaware of... in different cultures or whatever.

Tags: Enjoy, Lives, Whatever

The world would be a duller place without Moulin Rouge.

Tags: Place, Rouge

We've all got a black book of missed opportunities.

Tags: Black, Book, Missed

You can't be angsty all day or else it becomes a sort of pale angst.

Tags: Angst, Else, Pale

I like being able to go to the supermarket and go on the Tube and have an ordinary domestic life. I'd hate to have to protect myself. I'm quite lucky that I can carry on without any intrusions. I don't get given a hard time by anyone.

Tags: Hate, Life, Time

I like reflecting the culture I understand best, spotting the idiosyncrasies of British people and revealing them to an audience in a way that amuses is what I find fun.

Tags: Best, Fun, Understand

In today's politics, it would be good to have politicians who are more upfront about what they felt and actually not trying to bend with every breeze. They're infuriating, all of them.

Tags: Good, Politics, Today
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When you research someone, you actually get beyond your own preconceptions and become aware of the human being other than the image. You become empathetic and sympathetic in turn.

Tags: Become, Human, Someone