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Joe Elliott's Quotes

Joe Elliott profile photo

Born: 1959-08-01
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Joe Elliott

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If you can't handle the responsibility of a hit single, don't write one.

Tags: Hit, Single, Write

The Vatican takes your breath away.

Tags: Away, Breath, Takes

With Los Angeles, it's kind of a love-hate thing. Sometimes I think it's marvelous, and sometimes I think it's a dump. It's so fake and I can't deal with how fake it is.

Tags: Deal, Fake, Sometimes

A fan would get an autograph and that was that. If we didn't tour again for five years, we wouldn't remember them.

Tags: Again, Five, Remember

Any idiot who knows five chords can bang a song together. But it's probably going to be rubbish.

Tags: Idiot, Song, Together

I don't really feel any different when I get up on stage.

Tags: Stage

I saw the Stones three years ago at the Wiltern Theater in L.A. and that was mind blowing.

Tags: Mind, Theater, Three

I wanted to write a song that's known to the world as a classic, stadium-rock anthem.

Tags: Song, Wanted, Write

In England, rock music very rarely infiltrates the charts, but country music even less so.

Tags: Country, Music, Rock

The best holiday I ever had was the first one I went on without my parents, when I was 17.

Tags: Best, Holiday, Parents

The most frustrating thing for musicians who want to play stuff from the new album is when everyone goes out to buy a beer.

Tags: Beer, Everyone, Stuff

There were incredibly few rock songs making it out to the airwaves until the '80s came along.

Tags: Few, Making, Rock

Writing a song is actually quite easy. Writing a good one is very, very difficult.

Tags: Difficult, Good, Writing

Even Crazy Horses is a good song, by the Osmonds. I've known many bands who have covered that. It's just a great song. I bought it in a brown, paper bag because I didn't want anyone to know I had it.

Tags: Crazy, Good, Great

Every town in America had at least one, two, or maybe three radio stations that played rock 24 hours a day. In England, we had a rock specialist on for two hours a week.

Tags: America, Rock, Three

I love the fact we're still on the road. I was born to be a factory worker really, so for me the chance to get on stage at Wembley 30 years after we started is amazing.

Tags: After, Amazing, Love

I've always liked traveling around Europe and seeing the architecture. The buildings in capital cities have been there for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. Some look better than the new ones.

Tags: Europe, Liked, Seeing

If you don't physically age gracefully, it's a bit sad. I think Steven Tyler can get away anything, because he still looks like he did in '73. Especially from row Z backwards in an arena. As long as the Stones keep their hair and don't get fat they'll get away with the wrinkles.

Tags: Age, Away, Sad

It's big production. It's huge. It's using studio technology to your benefit. You don't go in and play live and then just take the tapes and get them mastered. You have to create.

Tags: Big, Create, Technology

Manhattan's always fascinating, too, just a big, stinky, smelly conglomeration of numbered avenues and streets, but it's just got a vibe that's hard to beat. I shouldn't like it, but I do. I can't put my finger on it.

Tags: Big, Hard, Put

That's why 60,000 people go ape when the Stones play 'Satisfaction.' The songs are part of their legacy, and you fall back in love with them over the years.

Tags: Fall, Love, Why

To be honest, I'm a bit of a snob now; give me a Four Seasons anywhere in the world and I'm happy. Also, they've just opened a Ritz-Carlton in County Wicklow, Ireland, which is stunning and has great views.

Tags: Give, Great, Happy

We are just fans of music, we are not fans of a specific kind of music. We just happen to be a rock band. Until we explain ourselves, sometimes people don't understand why we limit ourselves to just being a rock band. It's because that is what we like doing.

Tags: Happen, Music, Rock
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We used to have our own plane with the band's name on the side. It was a dream come true. You drive to a local airport. There's none of this checking in stuff; you just get on the plane.

Tags: Dream, True, Used

When we try to write a pop song, we go for standard pop arrangements, even to the point where we will go to the key change at the end, which is really cheesy.

Tags: Change, End, Try
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