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Jose Manuel Barroso's Quotes

Jose Manuel Barroso profile photo

Born: 1956-03-23
Profession: Politician
Nation: Portuguese
Biography of Jose Manuel Barroso

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There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability.

Tags: Solidarity, Stability

Usually I don't comment on comments of others.

Tags: Comment, Comments, Others

We need open, competitive, market economies... but at the same time with effective regulation and supervision.

Tags: Market, Open, Time

Germany is the biggest economy of Europe and we need Germany on board for the economic reforms of Europe, including, of course, the deepening of the internal market, resisting protectionism, and supporting further economic policy coordination.

Tags: Economic, Economy, Europe

I very often compare relations between states to relations with people. Sometimes we are nicer to those we don't know well, who are not our friends, than we are to our friends, because with our friends we don't need to be nice all the time.

Tags: Friends, Nice, Time

Let us not forget that the European Community started as a project for peace after the terrible Second World War. And today people take for granted the freedom to travel, to study, to work abroad. And the citizens of one country have almost exactly the same rights as another country.

Tags: Peace, War, Work

The dynamic of globalisation in financial and economic terms, but also in geopolitical terms, confronts Europeans with a stark choice: live together, share a common destiny and count in the world; or face the prospect of disunity and decline.

Tags: Choice, Destiny, Together

The new narrative for Europe should be about the need to have a responsible organisation, the need to be able to defend our interests and promote our values, like human rights.

Tags: Able, Human, Rights

There's a tendency in many politicians to become inward-looking, more protectionist, more nationalistic and more defensive, in the bad sense of the word.

Tags: Bad, Become, Sense

You have to understand that to have a revolution when you are 18 years old is completely different from normal political leaders who were born in a democracy and will die in a democracy and never to have experienced that change. I have seen that change.

Tags: Change, Democracy, Political

You see in times of crisis that extremist forces, populist forces, have a better ground to oversimplify things and to manipulate feelings. Feelings of fear.

Tags: Crisis, Fear, Feelings

What people call serendipity sometimes is just having your eyes open.

Tags: Call, Eyes, Sometimes

I think diversity can also be a resource, an asset, especially in a world that is becoming globalized, to deal with difference, to deal with variety, to deal with complexity.

Tags: Deal, Difference, Diversity

A new state, if it wants to join the European Union, has to apply to become a member of the European Union like any state.

Tags: Become, State, Union

By the way, the European Union Member States together - even the euro area Member States together - are by far the biggest contributors to the IMF.

Tags: Far, Together, Union

Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often wrong.

Tags: Decisions, Often, Wrong

Even when governments take the right steps to reform, these can be negatively impacted by events outside their control.

Tags: Control, Events, Outside

Financial transaction tax raises problems of competition.

Tags: Financial, Problems, Tax

For investor confidence, it is important that there is certainty about the future of Ireland in E.U.

Tags: Confidence, Future, Ireland

Governments are not always right.

Tags: Based, Debt, Growth
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I am a very committed European.

Tags: Committed, European

I believe that Europe without Britain at the heart will be less reform-driven, less open, less international Europe.

Tags: Heart, Less, Open

I don't know why my son was born conservative.

Tags: Born, Son, Why

I have full confidence in the IMF. It is a very strong international institution.

Tags: Confidence, Full, Strong

I say to my friends, 'Don't just listen to the vuvuzelas; look at who scores the goals.' And this is the important thing.

Tags: Friends, Goals, Listen

I'll put it frankly - Britain has more influence in China than Norway or Switzerland, with all respect for the other countries.

Tags: Influence, Put, Respect

In the age of globalisation, pooled sovereignty means more power, not less.

Tags: Age, Means, Power

Internal protectionism in Europe would be deadly, really a disaster for European economies.

Tags: Deadly, Disaster, Europe

My mother wanted me to be a professor, because I have several people in my family who are professors at university.

Tags: Family, Mother, Wanted

Norway or Switzerland are two marvelous countries, I very much admire, the most advanced countries in the world in fact with great qualities of life.

Tags: Fact, Great, Life

Norwegian legislation is more in conformity with the rules of the European Union than most member states.

Tags: Conformity, Rules, Union

Smart, sustainable, inclusive growth is the key to job-creation and the future prosperity of Europe.

Tags: Future, Growth, Smart

The E.U. is founded on the Treaties which apply only to the Member States who have agreed and ratified them.

Tags: Apply, Founded, Member

The euro area must not be treated as an 'opt out' from the European Union.

Tags: Euro, Treated, Union

The Eurogroup decisions are always taken unanimously.

Tags: Decisions, Taken

He who loveth a book will never want a faithful friend, a wholesome counsellor, a cheerful companion, or an effectual comforter.

Tags: Book, Faithful, Friend

Smiling always with a never fading serenity of countenance, and flourishing in an immortal youth.

Tags: Serenity, Smiling, Youth

Let us consider that swearing is a sin of all others peculiarly clamorous, and provocative of Divine judgment.

Tags: Consider, Judgment, Others

Facetiousness is allowable when it is the most proper instrument of exposing things apparently base and vile to due contempt.

Tags: Contempt, Instrument, Proper

I pass by that it is very culpable to be facetious in obscene and smutty matters.

Tags: Matters, Obscene, Pass

If men are wont to play with swearing anywhere, can we expect they should be serious and strict therein at the bar or in the church.

Tags: Expect, Men, Serious

It is safe to make a choice of your thoughts, scarcely ever safe to express them all.

Tags: Choice, Express, Thoughts

Because men believe not in Providence, therefore they do so greedily scrape and hoard. They do not believe in any reward for charity, therefore they will part with nothing.

Tags: Charity, Men, Reward

Even private persons in due season, with discretion and temper, may reprove others, whom they observe to commit sin, or follow bad courses, out of charitable design, and with hope to reclaim them.

Tags: Bad, Design, Hope

No man speaketh, or should speak, of his prince, that which he hath not weighed whether it will consist with that veneration which should be preserved inviolate to him.

Tags: Him, Speak, Whether

That in affairs of very considerable importance men should deal with one another with satisfaction of mind, and mutual confidence, they must receive competent assurances concerning the integrity, fidelity, and constancy each of other.

Tags: Confidence, Men, Mind

That justice should be administered between men, it is necessary that testimonies of fact be alleged; and that witnesses should apprehend themselves greatly obliged to discover the truth, according to their conscience, in dark and doubtful cases.

Tags: Justice, Men, Truth

That men should live honestly, quietly, and comfortably together, it is needful that they should live under a sense of God's will, and in awe of the divine power, hoping to please God, and fearing to offend Him, by their behaviour respectively.

Tags: God, Men, Power

Whence it is somewhat strange that any men from so mean and silly a practice should expect commendation, or that any should afford regard thereto; the which it is so far from meriting, that indeed contempt and abhorrence are due to it.

Tags: Mean, Men, Strange

Wherefore for the public interest and benefit of human society it is requisite that the highest obligations possible should be laid upon the consciences of men.

Tags: Human, Men, Society
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