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Joseph Fiennes's Quotes

Joseph Fiennes profile photo

Born: 1970-05-27
Profession: Actor
Nation: British
Biography of Joseph Fiennes

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I've got a vendetta to destroy the Net, to make everyone go to the library. I love the organic thing of pen and paper, ink on canvas. I love going down to the library, the feel and smell of books.

Tags: Books, Everyone, Love

I don't know what my limitations are until I reach them. I look for the challenge.

Tags: Challenge, Reach, Until

I think academics are infuriating. For every expert on Shakespeare there is another one to cancel his theory out. It drives you up the wall. I think the greatest form of finding out the truth is through fantasy.

Tags: Another, Greatest, Truth

Give me a sword fight any day.

Tags: Fight, Give, Sword

I can only put myself in the process and try to learn through the process. Sometimes it will go well and sometimes it won't.

Tags: Put, Sometimes, Try

I love life. I'm fascinated by human behavior because that feeds back into my work.

Tags: Life, Love, Work

I love new writing, new blood, modern works by unknown writers.

Tags: Blood, Love, Writing

I think everything I do is my early work. I can't wait to get on to the later stuff.

Tags: Stuff, Wait, Work

The great thing about films is that you have access to this whole world of experts who teach you the skills your character's supposed to have.

Tags: Character, Great, Whole

There is a bit of me if I'm pushed in one way I might bounce back and go the opposite.

Tags: Bit, Might, Opposite

You know what? Joy is the only guide. I'm going to have fun regardless.

Tags: Fun, Guide, Joy

But it's a strange thing when people judge you because you're not doing some big Hollywood film. Are you suggesting I should be in 'The Dukes of Hazzard?' I mean, hello?

Tags: Judge, Mean, Strange

From the age of about five to twelve I was very bad, a hideous little terror who beat people up. I was a member of the Rough Gang - we went around and terrorized all the pupils in school.

Tags: Age, Bad, School

I fall in love with contradictions without understanding. I can't really portray them unless I do. So in a roundabout way I have to fall in love, it's my duty. If love is about understanding and understanding is compassion and compassion is love, I have to have compassion towards the world.

Tags: Compassion, Fall, Love

It all felt like a terribly long time. It would have meant that I had to make five movies in five years and if you don't like the movies, too bad. I guess I just wanted my freedom, and I think my life has been incredibly enhanced as a result.

Tags: Freedom, Life, Time

There are always going to be times when it doesn't flow as much as you were hoping. So of course I'm going to fail. And when I do fail I hope I fail better and better, again and again. I am happy to fail.

Tags: Again, Happy, Hope

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