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Judaism Quotes

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I believe in Christianity, Judaism and Islamism, but I stay away from churches, synagogues and mosques.

Tags: Away, Stay  ✍ Author: Ted Lange

Judaism is important to me from a tribal point of view.

Tags: Point, View  ✍ Author: Vidal Sassoon

Judaism lives not in an abstract creed, but in its institutions.

Tags: Abstract, Lives  ✍ Author: Berthold Auerbach

I believe in Judaism, I was raised a Jew, I'm happy to be one - or proud to be one.

Tags: Happy, Proud  ✍ Author: Michael Bloomberg

I recovered my infant Judaism, but in a reformist version.

Tags: Infant, Recovered  ✍ Author: Lionel Blue

My husband, Jim, converted to Judaism just before our wedding.

Tags: Husband, Wedding  ✍ Author: Anita Diament

Judaism is a conspiracy against all races.

Tags: Against, Conspiracy  ✍ Author: Tom Metzger

In other words, Judaism is not Calvinism.

Tags: Calvinism, Words  ✍ Author: Chaim Potok

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