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Keegan-Michael Key's Quotes

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Born: 1971-03-22
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Keegan-Michael Key

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It was very important thousands of years ago to categorize things. I can eat that plant, I can't eat that plant. Or this tribe, not that tribe. We don't have to do that anymore - we have processed food now!

Tags: Anymore, Eat, Food

Everybody puts on airs, regardless of race.

Tags: Everybody, Race, Regardless

For me, as a child, I certainly thought that there were more black people in the world than white people.

Tags: Black, Child, Thought

I get overwhelmed when I approach things intellectually.

Tags: Approach

I have always, or for the most part, identified myself as a biracial person.

Tags: Identified

I'm adopted, so I didn't know my father, but apparently he was pretty tall.

Tags: Father, Pretty, Tall

I'm tall and thin but not strong, so you're either an athlete or you're funny.

Tags: Either, Funny, Strong

Surprise is not humor. I think that there can be a fine line there.

Tags: Humor, Line, Surprise

There's a thing called the 'One Drop' theory in African-American culture, which is if you have one drop of black blood in you, you're black.

Tags: Black, Blood, Culture

You can not have comedy unless people are behaving badly. You can't have it.

Tags: Badly, Comedy, Unless

A poet can feel free, in my estimation, to write a poem for himself. Or a painter can paint a painting for himself. You can write a short story for yourself. But for me, comedy by its nature is communal. If other people don't get it, I'm not sure why you are doing it.

Tags: Nature, Why, Yourself

I'm very concerned with what's going on the news, but I would not call myself a political animal, per se. I pay more attention during election years, or if I see some topic or issue that I care about. But I would never call myself a political animal or political junkie.

Tags: Attention, Care, Political

If you look at any successful skit comedy show, ever, there is that format of introducing you to the player in the beginning, and then going on to see those sketches.

Tags: Comedy, Show, Successful

To make an absolutely gross generalization, I think a lot of people feel like if you're mixed, more often than not you're quote unquote white. So if you're mixed, you embrace the mainstream culture more than the African-American culture.

Tags: Culture, Often, White

When you're a child, the most important thing is to be able to live a life of comfort. You want to be sure that the moon goes up at night and the sun comes up in the morning and dad comes home from work.

Tags: Home, Life, Work
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