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Kevin Yoder's Quotes

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Born: 1976-01-08
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Kevin Yoder

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What we need is more money back in the hands of Americans of any economic standing and so raising taxes right now doesn't make sense.

Tags: Economic, Money, Sense

In the current law we're seeing Social Security dwindle. And so what we're saying is if we're going to reduce taxes we just want to make sure that there are things within the law that pay for it.

Tags: Law, Saying, Social

Raising taxes doesn't create jobs, and this is a common sense thing. Washington doesn't get it. They believe if they take more money and send it to Washington, D.C. somehow they create wealth. It doesn't work.

Tags: Money, Sense, Work

There's an issue with the Medicare doctor reimbursement rates where at the end of the year every doctor that folks in this country use that provide Medicare services is going to get a 30 percent salary cut.

Tags: Country, End, Year

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Kevin Yoder's quote #2
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Kevin Yoder's quote #2
Kevin Yoder's quote #2
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