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Larry Williams's Quotes

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Born: 1935-05-10
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Larry Williams

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Rock and Roll has no beginning and no end for it is the very pulse of life itself.

Tags: End, Life, Rock

It's our job as economic developers in the state to make sure any prospect receives all available incentives.

Tags: Job, State, Sure

One out of three jobs in Washington is tied to trade.

Tags: Jobs, Three, Washington

The next time you see an outside day with a down close lower than the previous day, don't get scared, get ready to buy!

Tags: Next, Ready, Time

The three traits speculators must learn to manage within themselves are confidence, fear, and aggressiveness.

Tags: Confidence, Fear, Learn

What you will be looking for is a day that closes above the prior day's high and most likely 'breaks' out to the upside to close above a trading range. This is the twitching worm that causes the public to leap before they look.

Tags: High, Looking, Public
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